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2 Replies to “Remarks on UN Human Rights Council by Secretary Pompeo and Ambassador Haley”

  1. One of the worst Human Rights offenders is Zionist Israel,supported by the West,particularly America.The fact that America does not have a veto in the Human Rights Council must aggravate America.While Russia and China unconscionably support the human rights abuses of Assad’s Syria and Kim’s,America supports the grave Human Rights crimes of Zionist Israel against Christian and Muslim Palestinians.

  2. Someone on SoylentNews made the following observation:
    The U.N. is another horrible lie we should withdraw from and expel from our shores. Think about it logically instead of emotionally, i.e. think like a rational human instead of a Communist. In a world where the vast majority of Nation States were unfree hellholes ruled over by tyrants we built a world body based on the notion of One Nation, One Vote. By definition we knowingly built it as a Parliament of Tyrants. Then to mitigate the immediate consequences of that evil and allow it to live long enough to gain legitimacy by virtue of endless propaganda, the designers added the Security Council to ensure nothing could actually be accomplished for generations. The expected the veto deadlock to eventually end when the regressive U.S. finally made it to the “Sunny Uplands to History” but it didn’t quite work out that way.

    Cast them out. Build a new body on more sane ground rules.

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