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19 Replies to “Marine who currently guards our border has a dire warning: “They (Jihadists) Hate us with a Passion…””

    • This is not true.
      Most are dhimmis
      Without a clue,
      Dominated by anyone
      Who will give them some gruel.
      But of those who realize
      They’ve been played as a fool.
      There is the Islam –
      Against Mother’s Rule.

      • A muslim bought me lunch today to celebrate Eid and I teased it was zakat. He was grateful for what I had done for him.

        I chose a non-halah restaurant and ate fish out of respect to his weakness.
        He is a moderate muslim, unread of scriptures, remembering the sweets and gifts in childhood during Eid, his gift was well-taken.

        And when I gently probed, as I do to all adherants, to their extreme beliefs, they recoil not wanting to face and discuss it.

        What I see, is the trauma and fear unresolved from childhood. Suppressed and forgotten that is able to be released by another charismatic Hitler that blames their hurt on the Jews, Christians and kufar. Misdirection by their perpetrator.

        A dhimmi is weak before the strong and strong before the weak. This is why Michelle is truthful. (She talks of what she has seen and identified). But Po is not. “All muslims hate us.All muslims are jihadists and some of them manifest.” (This is pure propanda to seduce the unwary by presenting “we are just like you”).

        My host did not hate me. He had rules about the kufar to keep his distance. He loved his religion that I explained the Salafists would call him practicing shirk, from the things I shared that they themselves had proudly told to me, (as I am after all above any Shia muslim, being an honest kufar and my respect to them for being honest muslims).

        To unlock and free that inner child without getting my head cut off is all I wish to do.

        If we do not see muslims as victims, the memes of fear planted into them, then we battle with their coats and not for their souls.

  1. It is very surprising that they haven’t managed to get another big attack through into the US.

    If the wall isn’t built and built along the entire border as soon as Iran thinks they have enough nukes to engage in an extended nuclear exchange they will pay the drug cartels to smuggle one or more across the Southern Border and take out at least one major city. Probably in the North East by maybe in Florida or on the West Coast. Remember we have to get lucky every time, they only have to get lucky once in a while.

  2. When overseas, even in my daily dealings with muslims and long before they confirmed my suspicions, you could feel the seething hatred under their controlled politeness. Even if you were critically helping them it was quite apparent and even the thanks reeked of hostile politeness rather than genuine appreciation. These swine hate our guts and why should they not do so? They have been indoctrinated from birth to hate us and to see us as inferior and any help we give them is seen as expected and their right. When will the idiots who lead us actually listen to or read a few mosque sermons as perhaps they may understand(no chance!)?

  3. just a sampling of narco-news from below the US’s southern border.
    http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2018/06/authorities-issue-arrest-warrants-in.html Purón was 112th candidate murdered in the past 14 months of Mexico’s bloody election campaign
    http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2018/06/despite-being-on-kingpin-list-rafa.html At the recent World Cup practice scrimmage in California’s Rose Bowl, the soccer star out was MIA. He is accused by the United States of having assisted Raul Flores Hernandez, leader of the Flores Drug Trafficking Organization in money laundering and using numerous businesses and bank accounts to clean drug profits.

    • http://www.latimes.com/world/mexico-americas/la-fg-mexico-rafael-marquez-20180615-story.html The companies that sponsor Mexico’s national team appear alarmed by his inclusion on the roster, and have taken steps so that they don’t seem to be doing business with Marquez.

      At practices this week in Russia, while the rest of the team wore jerseys featuring the logos of Coca-Cola and other sponsors, Marquez sported a plain version without any of the brand names.

      A statement from the Mexican team explained that the logos were removed “in order to have Rafa Marquez focused 100% on sports” and that the team made the decision after consulting with experts.

      Marquez was one of 21 Mexican nationals sanctioned by the Treasury Department last August for alleged ties to Flores, who is accused of smuggling drugs and laundering money from his base in Jalisco state since the 1980s.

  4. I was in Egypt more than 20 years ago. Treated with elaborate hospitality and genuine affection. I was a guest of my Tantine – I guess you’d say “My Auntie”. About the age of my grandmother.

    This is an upper-class family, truly international. Our extended families had intricate connections going back a couple hundred years. It’s a small world.

    They were certainly Muslim, but the only supremacist vibes I picked up were anti- every Arab other than Egyptian. Gulf = jumped-up camel-drivers. Syrian-Lebanese = oily mongrels. And so forth.

    They appreciated the fact that I’m an observant Jew. That seemed especially important to them. No atheist would’ve been quite so welcome, I’m certain. They didn’t wear hijab, and they did their praying in private.

    Tantine had fond memories of childhood friends who were Jews of Spanish origin. Everybody I met extolled the ‘scholarly Sephardim’. A little odd. I guess I represented that mythologized “Andaluz” – living side-by-side in perfect harmony.

    My Tantine died here, while undergoing treatment for advanced cancer at Mass General. We had gotten very close. She left me her most treasured possession: an ancient blue silk scarf. It had belonged to her own grandmother, who had used it to wrap around her koran.

    • “They appreciated the fact that I’m an observant Jew”

      And this is the point.

      Islam is a pack-animal cult.

      In a limit number or threats from outside, “…anti- every Arab other than Egyptian. Gulf = jumped-up camel-drivers. Syrian-Lebanese = oily mongrels.”, “…that mythologized “Andaluz” – living side-by-side in perfect harmony.” is desired. Someone with a sold self-respect for themselves and others. Live and let live.

      But if I had gone for an Eid lunch, in a heavily populated town in a men-only halal cafe, my intrusion would not be welcomed and my friend change like a dhimelion.

      This lack of character, which had led to my support and assistance being needed in the first place.

      The moribund nature of muslims and their capitulation to their deviant religion.

      A pity Po could not argue his point to understand why the slaves hate those who will set them free, because the pain of conscience from a false religion that comforted them, may be too much, too soon; and the self-righteous judgement of Liberals and Sexual-Identifiers, becomes their distraction from ever facing themselves. (And but by the grace of braver souls, there I could be).

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