“Immigration is causing higher crime, culture-shift” -President Trump

Main stream media made a false statement of fact concerning this tweet.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday blamed migrants in Europe for what he inaccurately described as a rise in crime in Germany and for violently changing the culture, adding that what was happening with immigration there presented a similar threats to the United States.

Please see the tweet below to clear the record:

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4 Replies to ““Immigration is causing higher crime, culture-shift” -President Trump”

  1. We all know he is right in what he said, in fact he is understating the problem caused by the European leaders lead by Merkel committing treason with their unlimited immigration policy. The agreement that was posted (Saturday?) shows that this wasn’t caused by misguided compassion but rather it was done as a deliberate policy that if you are feeling kind was caused by the left not understanding human nature. Or if you are more cynical was done with the goal of destroying civilization to allow the left to seize control of the world.

    • He is good, his timing is always good when he hits like this, but his true mastery is his ability to take the attacks on him and turn them around so they damage the attacker. He is destroying so many of the lib so called journalists that it is a wonder that they can find any to attack him.

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