On Freedom of speech and hijacking this website

Once again, its time to explain a few things about this site, and freedom of speech and “balanced representation”.

Any site has the absolute right to decide what is and is not appropriate to its interests. One may notice that pretty much all main stream news does not allow comments at all when it comes to issues on Islam. That is because they know what they will get and it will get them shut down by governments with agendas other than the preservation of their own peoples and cultures.

At this site however, we allow a wide range of opinions and encourage debate and discussion and we have seen a lot of it. Sometimes muslims come and state their piece but not often because the result is usually a polite and informed vivisection of their arguments in a way which is not conducive to sympathy for Islam. Hence why Islam does not tolerate criticism as a matter of legislation and force, as it cannot stand up to reason. Reason is anathema to it, in fact.

However there are conditions which this site considers abusive, irrespective of the content.

If a person were to relentlessly spam each post on any issue of interest to this site with irrelevant material hocking a separate agenda not related whatsoever to the focus of the article or even the site as a whole, that will be considered spam, because that is what it is.

Freedom of speech does not mean you can take a private forum and start haemorrhaging your own issues all over it in mass posts. I don’t care if it was about motorcycles or magazine subscriptions, or even if it was pro-Trump material, it is not acceptable and will be marked as spam.

Sometimes in a friendly way, people will entertain discussions about unrelated materials like music or whatnot, but it is limited, and usually related somewhat to something. But more than a bit of that, its best to take it private or to another forum. If a website is about everything its about nothing.

In the case that is currently the issue, it appears to be the sort of sly methods of contemporary antisemites to slowly bring up materials that are borderline Jew-hate, and inject more and more and more both in terms of volume and in terms of the degree of blatancy of the antisemitic content.

There are a lot of sites for that. If this is what someone wishes to do, go to one of those sites, or better yet, start your own. But using this platform for your agenda, that is not going to be allowed. And my not letting someone hijack this platform for another agenda, objectionable or not, is not limiting freedom of speech, nor is it a function of a balanced PoV.

In fact even that notion is a little silly. If I say 2+2=4 and someone else says it is 6, that doesn’t mean that one must then say 2+2=5.

The internet can accommodate any number of websites. So people who are not happy with this one, or find that it is too restrictive, have a staggeringly large number of options. Please chose one and best of luck.

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10 Replies to “On Freedom of speech and hijacking this website”

  1. Freedom of speech and “balanced representation”.
    Logic and Reason apply.
    Informed vivisection
    Reveals their complexion:
    “We are like you,” on the sly.

    “When Negus asked Jafaar for any revelation that the Prophet had from God, he recited verses Quran from the Surah of Mary, on the story of Jesus: “And make mention of Mary in the Book, when she withdrew from her people unto a place towards the east, and secluded herself from them; and We sent unto her Our Spirit, and it appeared unto her in the likeness of a perfect man.” It is narrated that after Jafaar finished the recitation, Negus vowed not to return the Muslim refugees back to Makkah.”

    But Jafaar did not read the final verses – from this Surah of Mary – to the protecting-King of Abyssinia. To fortell of the days when Muslims will destroy Christians wherever they find them::

    “88. And they say, “The Most Merciful has begotten a son.”

    89. You have come up with something monstrous.

    90. At which the heavens almost rupture, and the earth splits, and the mountains fall and crumble.

    91. Because they attribute a son to the Most Merciful.

    92. It is not fitting for the Most Merciful to have a son.

    93. There is none in the heavens and the earth but will come to the Most Merciful as a servant.

    94. He has enumerated them, and counted them one by one.

    95. And each one of them will come to Him on the Day of Resurrection alone.

    96. Those who believe and do righteous deeds, the Most Merciful will give them love.

    97. We made it easy in your tongue, in order to deliver good news to the righteous, and to warn with it a hostile people.

    98. How many a generation have We destroyed before them? Can you feel a single one of them, or hear from them the slightest whisper?”

    • So, are you saying JN, the observation that muslims deceived the King of Abyssinia is untrue? That to enter the house of Christians saying “We are just like you” is not a tactic being played out in the West?

      But no, you did not look at the argument presented here to discuss: “If I say 2+2=4 and someone else says it is 6, that doesn’t mean that one must then say 2+2=5.”

      This means… we do not integrate Sharia. The terrorists do not win by getting you to compromise for peace.

      “Perfectchild you are polluting this site”

      Then this is now your exact opportunity to explain yourself.

      I am waiting.

      • I think your way to express yourself it’s too convoluted in too many words.Many times you write in verses that are ridiculous .
        Agree with what you saying but not how you say it.
        It’s like you sit at home have nothing else to do.

        • OK. You agree with what I am saying but not how I am saying it.

          But instead at any one of those exact moments you were confused, saying “please explain,” you remained silent so that the deeper truths that were waiting to come out, did not; therefore no muslim who thought like you did, ever would find.

          Civilized conversations lead to the deeper truths.

          Instead, on a perfectly clear post I made, you wrote:

          “Perfectchild you are polluting this site”

          So my friend Ahmed says, “see the person is loco! JN has told us so.”

          Thank you for explaining yourself – a question that I had the decency to raise, and not an insult you to call you dirty.

  2. Speaking truth to tyranny requires courage and cleverness. Postmodernism is our modern tyranny. How one voices their opposition to it is their own risky business. Where they speak it will include, in this instance, the permission of Eeyore. If I understood everything PC said I would probably recoil into a cave in the Himalayas. Thank G_D I’m not that smart.

    Regardless, the creative impulse some seem to find offensive. Here, it is a mechanism of play, defense and expression all at once. These guys knew it, and necessity is its mother every single time:


  3. Sometimes can happen that a real uninformed/dreamer is hitting this place and he is shocked. Then he start his attempt to enlighten the rest of the readers/writers. In this case, looks like a spam, but this is the good part of this site. We might save a soul, if we know how to.
    But there are also hunters. Some are hunting the hunters and they must emulate the real hunters. Hunters of the hunters are usually military.
    Hunters are those trying to find dreamers and as the fly goes to the light bulb, dreamers tend to follow a hunter exposing similar ideas as own. This is why it is a duty to save dreamers. They are future “welcome refugees” robots or, Antifa, if not saved. Or they can become new forms of Junker the alcohol sponge. With real power and a semi functional brain.
    So, don’t push away dreamers. Worst case, ignore them, but give them a chance to read what they are not ready to understand. It might put in motion one neuron in his head. If one is saved, then is one less for hunters.
    Just saying…

    • Or they can become new forms of Junker the alcohol sponge. With real power and a semi functional brain.

      Really scary thought. And the part of Junker’s brain that’s functioning is soaked in Marxist poison.

    • This is all that site is about, Stefan cell Mare. To expose the deeds of muslims.

      Which also actually exposes the deeds of others. They would rather all protect themselves, and so they band together as AntiFa.

      To reveal the actions of muslims, that these are not a localized small incidents that had nothing to do with Islam, but rather a world-wide jihad, a meme, locked into the minds of every creed and color of poor unfortunates that submitted to them. Psychological rabies.

      The problem that is for each one of us, is that we don’t know we don’t know. To be in a state of hypnosis until there is pain. To be offended, is our antidote.

      Those who rescue you therefore, to make laws against offending, rescue you for themselves.

      Socrates put it like this: “By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.”

      It is only when you suffer – for your beliefs, attitudes and lifestyles – do you examine the mirror held up before you to now see it was fake. Blasphemy Laws, Hate Crimes and, as a pet, simply allowing your children to be taken away to be sex-indoctrinated, removes personal accountability and responsibility. It infantalizes you. But rewards you with preferential handouts to your community. There’s a flag and month for that.

      Anger is claimed to be your Natural Pride, to serve you as a king.

      Hillary therefore was always meant to be a Merkel, to rule over America. All her minions were in place: The muslim brotherhood, the Marxists and the Triggers, promoted to high ranks inside every institution and corporation. Waiting for the one who first made Teflon Bill pave her way. She was the king-maker, and will now take her rightful place.

      As Muhammad knew, the king-maker always is king.

      There is no father in this kingdom.

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