Why did the left hate Maggie Thatcher so very much?

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  1. And the ordinary people in the Anglo-American alliance are once again standing up against tyranny, members of our ruling classes are betraying freedom in the hope that they can achieve total control of our nations but the ordinary people are fighting for freedom.

    She is an example for us all and I wish she were alive to once again rally the Brits.

    • She had the courage to say and to do what was and is necessary. The left hate her as their usual tactics failed and she wiped the floor with them. Can anyone imagine that bag of faeces: May, doing a Falklands war? Or even the criminal Blair who thought it Ok to bomb Serbia because they didn’t like muslim expansionism. she has been the ONLY UK PM since Churchill to have any cojones.

  2. If the United States falters in its support of the First Amendment by allowing “hate speech” laws to creep in the world will no longer have the staunch and powerful defender of free speech that it has enjoyed for a few hundred years. The Americans have always been a bit fanatical about freedom of speech and, well, good for them. If my personal emotional reactions to the things you say can be used to charge you criminally then the game will be over. If all I have to do is say, “I feel unsafe” to make you shut up we’re no longer living in a free country…

    • As long as we have a conservative SCOTUS hate speech laws won’t last long enough for the ink to dry. If the left can get a liberal SCOTUS Katy bar the door.

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