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  1. Toronto Police have charged a man and six teenage boys after an alleged robbery and beating that left a cyclist in a coma.

    Officers say a 19-year-old man was biking toward a plaza in the city’s north end on May 25 when he was confronted and robbed by several people.

    He began to cycle away but was hit with a “weighted object” and surrounded by 15 people, some of whom assaulted him while others cheered them on.

    Police say the cyclist suffered a “significant” head injury and spent several days in a coma. He is “now working towards recovery from his injuries.”

  2. Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents arrested nine more Bangladeshi nationals last week. This brings the total number of Bangladeshi migrants arrested in the Laredo Sector this fiscal year to more than 300.
    In two separate incidents, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a total of nine Bangladeshis after they illegally crossed the border from Mexico, according to information obtained by Breitbart Texas from Border Patrol officials in Laredo. The arrests all occurred in south Laredo, an area well known for drug and human smuggling.

    The nine illegal immigrants from Bangladesh arrested by Border Patrol agents this week brings the total number apprehended in this single sector to 306, Laredo Sector officials stated.

    “It goes to show that our agents are arresting people from all over the world on a daily basis. Their intentions for entering the country illegally can only be determined after they have been arrested,” Laredo Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Jose Martinez said in a written statement.

  3. We the media have “fact-checked” President Trump like we have fact-checked no other human being on the planet—and he’s certainly given us plenty to write about. That’s probably why it’s so easy to find lists enumerating and examining his mistakes, missteps and “lies.”
    But as self-appointed arbiters of truth, we’ve largely excused our own unprecedented string of fact-challenged reporting. The truth is, formerly well-respected, top news organizations are making repeat, unforced errors in numbers that were unheard of just a couple of years ago.

    Our repeat mistakes involve declaring that Trump’s claims are “lies” when they are matters of opinion, or when the truth between conflicting sources is unknowable; taking Trump’s statements and events out of context; reporting secondhand accounts against Trump without attribution as if they’re established fact; relying on untruthful, conflicted sources; and presenting reporter opinions in news stories—without labeling them as opinions.

    Note: this is the journalist that Obama had wiretapped.


    Ahmed R (19), muslim scum

    Attack random guy you though was homeless to impress your muslim friends

    Guy knocks his head in the pavement and dies at the hospital

    Guy was Thomas K. (40), father of two.

    Muslim get arrested and sent to court

  5. Police across 30 forces have wasted thousands of hours reviewing 11,236 ‘hate incidents’, figures have revealed, while crime and violence surge in Britain and the vast majority of robberies go unsolved.
    The National Police Chiefs’ Council defended the protocol as “vital” after the 2015-16 figures were revealed, which included such ‘hate incidents’ – acts too trivial to be classed as crimes – as people complaining of barking dogs and of receiving “racist looks” from strangers.

    Since the government’s release of an action plan in which success is defined as maximising the number of ‘hate’ complaints, police have proactively solicited reports of such incidents from the public and are required to record and investigate each one by sending an officer or making telephone calls.

    According to the Daily Mail, which notes that even just 15 minutes spent looking into each incident would have taken up 3,750 hours of officers’ time, the reports included people offended by newspaper cartoons and a student claiming to have been refused drinks in a bar due to alleged racism.

    Such incidents are upgraded to a ‘hate crime’ if a law is found to be broken.

    • I am so stressed watching my monitor all day looking for hate, Why can’t these fools put it in bold italics so that I can see it more easily? I think that I need stress leave.

    • They are tearing down Western Culture with nothing to replace it with.

      They tore down Western Morality and replaced it with “If it feels good do it.” Because of this they are mainstreaming every perversion that history rejected as being harmful to society.

      Once they destroy our history what will they replace it with? Will it be something that will be dangerous to the survival of our society?

      • How many civilizations fell, passed into oblivion before recorded history? Maybe 10,000 leagues beneath the sea…
        Gen. 6:4
        There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

        • Make that 10,000 feet under the sea and I will agree with you, there a lot of historical artifacts that can’t be explained, most of them aren’t even investigated.

          • Egyptian king lists go back 39000 years(Turin Parchment) but naturally that is all lies according to experts( an expert is a person who will give you a 1000 reasons why something cannot be done) as the list includes gods and demigods who ruled Egypt before humans did (how dare they!)

  6. A Mysterious Silence Has Surrounded Julian Assange
    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden
    Wed, 06/13/2018 – 03:30
    Authored by Dennis Bernstein via,

    Julian Assange remains cut off from the world in Ecuador’s London embassy, shut off from friends, relatives and thousands of supporters, leaving him unable to do his crucial work…

  7. “Dukes of Hazzard” and “Smallville” star John Schneider suggested Wednesday that his conservative leanings and support for President Trump may have played a role in his being sentenced to three days in jail for unpaid alimony.

    Mr. Schneider, who was released Tuesday from the Los Angeles County Jail after serving five hours of the three-day sentence, told Fox News that his conservative values may have hurt him in court.

  8. Jihadis free to roam the UK: Concerns over tracking dangerous extremists as only 40 out of 400 British fanatics returning from Syria and Iraq have been prosecuted
    Figures, disclosed by minister Ben Wallace, will raise concerns about security
    Police chiefs have warned of the severity of the terror threat facing the country
    Labour MP John Woodcock said should be illegal to travel to terror hotspots

  9. Questions on EU membership, support for the traditional family, and Europe’s “more than 1,000-year-old Christian heritage” have been included in referendum plans put forward by Poland’s conservative president.
    President Andrzej Duda on Tuesday put forward 15 questions that citizens should be asked in a referendum planned for later this year, which will be the first vote of its kind for Poland since it joined the bloc.

    Both domestic and international matters are covered in the issues Duda proposed Poles be consulted on in the wide-ranging referendum, which is set to give people a voice on whether to update the nation’s post-Communism 1997 constitution.

    Presented by the president after a meeting with his advisory forum, the National Development Council, one question is on whether the nation’s constitution should be guaranteed primacy over European and international law and if it should anchor Poland’s EU membership.


    ‘I’m the Halal Richard Branson’: Self-made businessman wants to launch Britain’s first ‘Sharia’ airline with no alcohol and modestly dressed crew
    Kazi Shafiqur Rahman is launching Britain’s first ‘Sharia compliant’ airline
    Flights will serve no alcohol, halal meals and have a strict cabin crew dress code
    Firnas Airways is leasing a 19-seater Jetstream 32 plane for £8,500 a month
    His journey towards starting his own airline features on Channel 4 documentary

  11. Britain’s most wanted sex offenders revealed: Taxi rapist and a suspected paedophile on the run in Spain top Crimestoppers’ depraved fugitives list
    Eight most wanted include Fatah Benlaredj, suspected of raping girl aged seven
    Two convicted rapists also feature in list, along with two unidentified suspects
    Police believe one suspect is in Cyprus and an alleged child rapist is in Spain

    • Seriously if you went out and shot 20 random muslims in the UK you would probably score 5 rapists and that is being generous.

  12. WASHINGTON, DC–Despite other academic shortcomings, inner-city youths possess a firmer grasp of the metric system than their peers in suburban and rural areas, according to a Department Of Education study released Monday.

    “While the typical teen has only a vague notion of what a kilogram is, teens in the Cabrini Green housing projects in Chicago and the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles were thoroughly familiar with this unit of metric measurement,” said Ira Danielson, the researcher who spearheaded the study. “They were able to identify a kilogram of weight by merely tossing it back and forth in their hands.”

    According to Danielson, young people in America’s urban centers are so familiar with the kilogram that they have developed a system of abbreviations for the measurement, such as “kilo” or even “ki” (pronounced key).

    “Most of the teens, even those reading at a fourth-grade level, were familiar with the gram as a base unit that can be either compounded or divided,” Danielson said. “Finally, here’s an area where at-risk urban youths can really shine.”

    Sometimes, The Onion hits the nail on the head!

      • The sectarian split is an off and on thing. Westerners are deceived by focusing on the inherent doctrinal enmity. It’s still all ummah, alliances are pragmatic.

        Iran helped Sunni al-Qaida because it threatened Saudi. Iran is financing Sunni-MB Hamas because the Sunni benefactors (Saudi, UAE) are anti-MB. Both the Turk and Qatar support Iran.

        Iran’s Shite Hezbollah in Lebanon are training Hamas in terror tactics to use against Israel.

        The EU is cultivating tards of all flavors. But Iran is short of money these days, so Hezbollah is less welcome than it was a few months ago, before PT trashed the 0’s Nuke Deal. Now only the really die-hard jew-haters are loving Hezbollah.

  13. Austria’s Kurz receives death threats after shutting down mosques

    Some posts also said that the head of the Austrian government “will find himself in a rubbish box,” while others just read: “Allahu Akbar!”
    The chancellor’s office confirmed to Oesterreich that Kurz received “many” death threats, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in some “instant messaging services.” The situation was considered to be so grave that the Austrian domestic intelligence and counter-terrorism agency, the BVT, launched a counter-terrorism investigation into the issue, according to the interior ministry.
    Additional measures were also taken to enhance the personal security of Kurz, who is currently on his visit to Israel, as well as of some other ministers.


  14. “Bulgarians”, but sounds like the work of gypsies or ethnic turks:

    8 Bulgarians Raped a 13-year-old Girl in Germany

    The victim was attacked on April 21, but the authorities kept the incident secret because of her security, says
    The youngsters who are identified are between the ages of 14 and 16. They met the girl in a park in the city and repeatedly raped her. The victim returned from swimming practice. They also shot everything with their mobile phones.
    Before that, the girl was attacked by the same youngsters, but only verbally. According to the investigators, they planned the rape and waited for the victim.
    In the end, the girl was rescued by an accidentally passing woman who boldly threw herself on the attackers and then called the police.
    So far, 6 of the youths involved in the rape have been detained and the other two are being searched.

  15. Taliban supreme leader offers direct negotiations with the United States (khaama, Jun 13, 2018)

    “The Taliban supreme leader Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada has offered direct negotiations with the United States in a bid to end the ongoing conflict.

    “The only path to rescuing ourselves from all these calamities is for all American and other occupying forces to leave our country and for an independent, Islamic, intra-Afghan government to take root. Our Jihad began for this exact purpose and in conjunction to our armed Jihad, we have kept the doors of understanding and negotiations open to reach this objective and appointed the Political Office of the Islamic Emirate as the exclusive avenue of activity in this regard,” Hebatullah said in a message released ahead of Eid.

    He said “If the American officials truly believe in a peaceful end to the Afghan imbroglio then they must directly present themselves to the negotiation table so that this tragedy (invasion) – the destructive effects of which mainly harm the American and Afghan people – can be resolved through talks. The biggest mistake on part of the American officials is that they approach every problem with stubbornness but force cannot yield results in every case.”

    This comes as efforts are underway to start negotiations for reconciliation, led and owned by the Afghans.

    However, the Taliban group has so far refrained to participate in any form of Afghan-led and owned negotiations although President Ghani earlier made bold proposals to encourage the group for the talks.”

  16. Germany issues warrant for key coup suspect Adil Öksüz: Turkish FM (hurriyetdailynews, Jun 13, 2018)

    “Germany has issued a search warrant for Adil Öksüz, a key figure linked to the July 2016 coup attempt whose whereabouts have been unknown since the attempted putsch, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavu?o?lu said on June 13.

    “We have gotten in touch with Germany and Germany has issued a search warrant for Adil Öksüz,” Çavu?o?lu said in southern province of Antalya.

    “What Germany will do after finding [Adil Öksüz] is surrender him to us under the framework of the agreements and the law,” he added.

    German Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Adebahr told a press conference in Berlin on June 13 that the country is continuing to evaluate the Gülen network issue based on information from various sources including the German Embassy to Turkey, Turkish sources and partners.

    “In light of all this information, we cannot disregard the fact that members of the Gülen network movement were engaged in the coup attempt in Turkey,” state-run Anadolu Agency reported Adebahr as saying.

    German Interior Ministry spokesperson Eleonore Petermann also said at the same event that she had no new information on the whereabouts of Gülen.

    Öksüz disappeared right after July 15, 2016 coup attempt, widely believed to have been masterminded by the network of U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen.

    Turkish officials have repeatedly appealed to the German government to arrest and extradite Öksüz, claiming that he was hiding in Germany.

    Last November, all German police departments were asked to inform the Federal Criminal Police Office of any findings that could help them identify the whereabouts of the suspect, state-run Anadolu Agency said on June 13.

    Öksüz, known as the Gülen movement’s “imam of the Air Force,” was detained near the Ak?nc? Air Base in the capital Ankara on the morning of July 16, 2016, only to be released by Judge Çetin Sönmez on July 18, after which he went on the run.”

  17. U.S. senator introduces bill for sanctions against Turkey (hurriyetdailynews, Jun 13, 2018)

    “U.S Senator and Helsinki Commission Chairman Roger Wicker introduced a bipartisan resolution on June 12 urging President Donald Trump to take action against seven countries, including Turkey, for what it described as violations of religious freedom.

    “Our founding fathers made religious freedom a cornerstone of our country, and President Trump carries that legacy forward by making religious freedom a cornerstone of his presidency. This resolution is a blueprint for action in a region where governments have often attacked religious freedom instead of protecting it. When governments take steps toward improvement, as Uzbekistan has done, we should support and bolster their efforts,” said Wicker.

    “Designate Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey as ‘Special Watch List Countries’ for severe violations of religious freedom, and designate Kazakhstan if it continues to tighten restrictions on religious freedom,” resolution 539 read, calling for sanctioning Turkish officials responsible for the imprisonment of Andrew Brunson, an American pastor who has been jailed in Turkey since October 2016.

    The resolution also calls for the re-designation of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan as “Countries of Particular Concern,” calling to block entry to the United States and impose financial sanctions on individual violators in all seven countries, as well as Russian-led separatist forces in Ukraine.

    Helsinki Commissioner Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (NH) is the lead co-sponsor of the resolution. Other original co-sponsors of S.Res.539 include Helsinki Commissioners Sen. Thom Tillis (NC), Sen. John Boozman (AR), and Sen. Cory Gardner (CO), along with Sen. James Lankford (OK).

    Critical Turkey report

    In the “International Religious Freedom Report for 2017” released earlier this year, the U.S. Department of State criticized Turkey.

    The report highlighted that since 2011 the General Directorate of Foundations had received 1,560 applications from religious minority foundations that had applied for compensation for seized properties.

    It pointed that thousands of Gülen network suspects were arrested or suspended from public institutions including the Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet).

    The report also called for the release of Brunson, who is also accused of having links to the Gülen network and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).”

    • That’s an interesting development. Erdogan made it clear a long time ago he has no time for democracy and niceties such as freedom of religion, and the west mostly looked the other way.
      He’s been buying oil from IS. He proceeded with his Gulen-purge after the coup, he’s been attacking Kurds in the south of Turkey, and now he’s invaded Syria and ethnically cleansing it, using both his army and re-grouped former IS fighters.
      He’s also misbehaved in Europe (Rotterdam riots) and US (bodyguards attacking protesters). The list goes on and on, and the west keeps humoring the SOB, time to push back a little I’d say.

      • Thanks for keeping that list. The world needs more Claudius Caesar types willing to chronicle the events of these days in case a society that values history survives.

        Erdogan must not go unwatched. Obama was. And that was a serious mistake.

  18. ‘Flat tax’ in 2018, Salvini says (ansa, Jun 13, 2018)

    “Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Wednesday told an assembly of retailers’ association Confesercenti that the new government will cut taxes and will not increase value-added tax (VAT).

    He also said a fiscal reform on the ‘flat tax’ – in fact a dual tax wit rates of 15% and 20% – will be implemented starting this year.

    The deputy premier announced alternative taxes to the IRPEF income tax and no IMU property taxes for vacant commercial spaces as part of the fiscal reform.
    He also said there should be no restrictions on cash payments.”

  19. UAE Naval Vessel on Fire in Red Sea Following Houthi Attack – Report (sputniknews, Jun 14, 2018)

    “A naval vessel belonging to the United Arab Emirates was ablaze in the Red Sea and has suffered major damage as a result of a Houthi attack, according to multiple sources. The ship eventually sunk, a major dent in the Saudi- and UAE-planned invasion of al-Hudaydah…”

  20. Female Genital Mutilation Increases Risk Of Developing Mental Illness (eurasiareviews, Jun 14, 2018)

    “… In a pioneering, comprehensive study led by the University of Konstanz neuropsychologist Professor Thomas Elbert, Dr Anke Köbach and Dr Martina Ruf-Leuschner examined the impact that FGM has on the victims’ body and mind.

    The study was carried out in the Somali Region of Ethiopia among the Somali, Amhara and Oromo people, all cultures that practice FGM at varying levels of severity. The results indicate that the affected women experience FGM as both a physical and mental injury, a so-called traumatic event. They inevitably grow more vulnerable to psychological disorders brought on by trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.

    These consequences are particularly grave in women subjected to the most invasive forms of FGM (type II/III). Nearly 20 percent of young women with an average age of 32 suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders. Individuals who were also exposed to other threats to their lives and physical well-being were found to suffer from particularly severe forms of trauma.

    This also affects their bodies’ ability to cope with stress. The University of Konstanz’s Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology working group was able to document this by examining the density of the stress hormone cortisol in the subjects’ hair. In women who had been subjected to severe forms of FGM, cortisol rates were increased. Cortisol density was also found to be higher than usual in women who had had FGM I performed on them when they were infants. As Anke Köbach stated: “Even if the women cannot remember the procedure itself, they carry those memories in their biological systems for the rest of their lives”….”

    • I just wonder if the non muslims in that gaol will actually do anything to protect Tommy. It is possible but that would mean criminals placing someone else first. They always tell us that criminals are patriotic but I have never seen any trace of this. Thanks Richard

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