Canadians, please listen carefully

Sadly, the leader of the federal Conservative party, as well as the new PC leader of Ontario, have both sided with Trudeau.

That is not my kind of patriotism. My kind is to the truth, and a state that traffics in truth. Trudeau from what is floating around out there, appears to be protecting friends in a dairy board and risking all Canadian exports to do it.

Also, agains as I understand it, should canada drop the unfair and against the deals we have with the US, tariffs on these goods, our own food costs would drop by half or more. So a double win, Trudeau decided to ignore to keep his trade board friends happy.

This is not my field of expertise, so anyone knowing more about this, especially contradictory information, please post it in the comments along with supporting links.

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    • The thought of Justin wanting to bulldoze Trump’s meeting with NoKo did come to my mind. Justin could have been exerting revenge for Trump ruining his G7 summit.

      • You don’t want to play power games with Donald Trump, you really don’t. Especially when you are the smaller neighbor.

        • Power-Brow Justin is doing something even worse now.
          In a state of panic, he’s urging for immediate ratification of the TPP.
          What happens if TPP countries don’t want to rush into signing? Also, he’ll be boxing us in a corner.
          A stupid vain individual, just like Chrystia.

  1. I read not too long ago that Conservative Party suddenly increased their membership by some 1,000+ new members that, it is said, represent the dairy industry. That would explain Sheer going along with Justin.

    As to Ford, he knows there’s so much to lose should Trump impose tariffs on the auto industry. He should have been smart and explained the consequences for Ontario’s auto industry by expressing a will to negotiate a distinct bilateral trade deal that would bypass Justin.

    Only Jagmeet Singh, NDP, agrees with bilateral with Trump.

    The problem we have is few Canadians understand what’s involved and to what extent the U.S. is being cheated by Canada.

    Justin and the damn media keep repeating the U.S. has a trade surplus. What’s not said is the high majority (75% I think) of that surplus relates to the services industry and not the goods industry.

    BTW: Justin is being used as a puppet by France, Germany, and the EU.

    Trump will not forgive. Harsh times coming up. And Sheer’s misjudgment and cowardice might result in Justin being reelected next year.

    • Sassy, and that’s the danger of supporting PM Treason … what’s the difference, and since PMT is “fighting” for “Canada” it supports the old, short-sighted and entirely politically inept ad the Cons ran against PMT, that he was “just not ready”. Well, with their support of him against Trump, it would appear the Libs can now through that Con attack back in their face.

      It would appear, in reality, no one is “ready” … and “Canada” will continue to spiral into post-stability.

  2. To all of my friends in Canada I am sorry for any damage you personally are going to suffer, but Trump isn’t Obama, you don’t play power games like this with him unless you are ready for hte result and PMT is not ready for the economic war that Trump can wage with you.

  3. Trudeau called Canada Postnational when first elected. This speaks volumes. His advisors are PoMos. They wish to transform Canada into something derived from the UN’s Agenda 21–importing 200+ million Africans and South Americans. He is not Canada’s leader, but rather a proxy for Soros, and other Socialist Globalists who see an opportunity to hijack the world’s second largest and perhaps richest land mass. They can do this because Trudeau has a weak, pliable mind.

    Canada is America’s pantry and should not be treated like other countries. Canada and the U.S. are each other’s largest trading partners. Americans forget this. I understand President Trump’s need to make a good deal. He will succeed here, but I only hope he understands the greater picture. Canada will continue down its current wrong path if permitted. Foreign-financed NGO’s from Soros, Saudi, China and Iran will build influence. This will threaten the U.S.. Canada can be stolen.

    The days of its invisibility seem to be over. Canadians will be nostalgic for their old days–days that made them boring and rich.

    Canada has taken unfair advantage for many years by intentionally devaluing its currency. Americans didn’t mind if its northern neighbor wanted to whore itself to the detriment of its own people. Canadians pay more for everything. Canadians also live in a fantasy land where all bad things happen elsewhere. They may be in for a rude awakening.

    Trump fights for sport. Trudeau is afraid of confrontation. This is why he backstabbed the President. How a man can reach the highest office in any country while being afraid of confrontation speaks only to his proxy position. Canada needs a smart scrapper.

    President Trump must know that the very best deal is a deal where the charade dies and Canada, along with its resources, is secured away from political fashion and conniving NGOs.

    • Many don’t realize how tightly knit the communities of the northern tier of the US are with the most populous regions of Canada. Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts – Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Detroit (Windsor), Seattle (Vancouver).

      Almost everyone I know has family in Canada. We spent summers there, religious holidays in turns. You had to watch your quarters ($0.25) – Canadian coins would break the candy machine.

      It’s really scary.

    • The days of its invisibility seem to be over. Canadians will be nostalgic for their old days–days that made them boring and rich.

      Excellent word-smithing, Johnnyu.

      I continue to insist that modern day Africans—under the thumb of their Communist Chinese economic invaders—will come to look back rather fondly on the days of European colonialism. So shall, as you say, indigenous Canadians come to regard their previous not-so-interesting times as the best in their lives.

      I’ve been to Canada several times (last in 1981) and, much like Sweden in the late 1960s, it was an idyllic place chockablock with warm, generous, good-hearted people. The slow-motion train wreck that’s taking place in “America’s Attic” is almost unbearable to watch.

      • I know what all of you mean but right now all we can do is wait and pray that President Trump can manage to bring about a conclusion to this mess that leaves Canada and the US happy with each other. We are close kin that are having a family fight, let the fight end with us still liking each other. There was a family in my home town that the Father was on the way to building a big chain for grocery stores, when he died his son and daughter started fighting and ended up spending all of the money he left them on lawyers to ensure that the other one didn’t get one more penny then they did. They went from rich to broke in about 3 years.

        All they had to do as try to be fair with each other.

    • Like PTrump said, our side gave away the store. It’s only natural for others to walk in, take what they want, come back for more. It’s our own fault.

      Things have changed.
      Kinda shocking, but it’s going to be a more healthy, adult relationship. I hope.

      With top-notch PR, this could be weaponized against that Islamo-Commie-Rat of a MB-PM.

  4. I don’t know a lot about this but it seems to me that if you have to impose a 280% tariff on dairy in order to keep your producers viable then maybe you ought to look at why that might be. Why is it that dairy farmers in the northern US are able to produce the same product for so much less and still be competitive?

    • I don’t know a lot about this but it seems to me that if you have to impose a 280% tariff on dairy in order to keep your producers viable then maybe you ought to look at why that might be

      Le bingo!

    • Probably government regulations, the more regulations the more time and people to ensure you are following all of the regulations. 2/3rds of all production costs are labor and benefits, the more workers, the higher wages the more expensive the product.

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