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2 Replies to “Interview with apostate of Islam and author, Shazia Hobbs by Josh Winston”

  1. There is one story after another about how women are chattel in the culture of Islam. Liberal Catholics gloss over this in the act of moving toward a one world religion where Islam is a co religion to Christianity. Here in St. Louis, the Rev Msgr. Michael Witt is a so called expert in the area of Islam. He was even made the interim director of the reformed seminary for the Archdiocese. The Archbishop views him as a prime mover in the Archdiocese. He is a “cheer leader” for Islam and a view of Islam as a pacifist and abused minority. The views of this woman are those of reality and not of the “beatific vision” of the radical left who live in a “penthouse atmosphere” where the air is rare and leading to delirium.

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