The Soviet Story

Some discussion has percolated around a photo I posted yesterday of a Nazi coin with Soviet iconography. I also tweeted it out to the delight of many and the annoyance of one, who simply made claims and offered no supporting evidence that Nazism and Communism were, as he claimed, “polar opposites”.

My source for this photo was a screen capture from this stellar film, and may I say, this is one of the most important documentaries, not to mention under-watched, I am aware of at all.

In fact it should be mandatory for all college and high school curricula. Perhaps the new Premiere of Ontario could put this in to replace forcing children to think that sexual fetishes are somehow an ethnic group worthy of special rights.

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    • Is this why you are concerned? This is part of what appears to be the upgrade that disables the video from display (line 27 to line 64). The decoding key ought to be related to “Sign in to confirm your age
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      • actually, that part must be settings to the graphics editor moving digitally through the display to add the words

    • YouTube is owned by…….google! You log on and contribute to google’s luvvie “progressive” coffers whether you like it or not. It’s about time these monopolies were broken up just as was Ma Bell and the railroads.

  1. Thank you both but the SOB still wants my login to check my age…so that is that. Probably nothing I don’t know but I like to DL and store such and rewatch when in the mood. Since the Google data episode Disqus and not a few other login convenients are letting you know that your data is made available to others and I am loath to use them. I have FB for log in purposes but using it sickens me so this is how they isolate you.

  2. guess you’ll have to view the source yourself.
    This site gives me an appropriate error message, “This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.”
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    • snippet – for the website hosted here – is intense debate set ON or OFF and does the setting get implemented as described? I wonder if that’s the service that allows you to click on a user name to get the comment history.

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  3. Martin thank you and all of the others who tried to help. Our blacksmith, Old Alex was an old white Russian who reached us via the gulags and when he was shoeing the horses he used to tell me about the war with the reds and the massacres. He came home wounded to find his family shot as they sat around the table, their bodies frozen. He took the bible from his mother’s hand and it was his only memory of his family. He so loved Russia that it rubbed off on me and he bought me Crime and Punishment as a paperback when I was 10 as I had climbed a 40m tree to place a wire aerial for his radio which gave him access to radio Russia. I also learnt some interesting Russian words when he hammered and missed :). He called me golabushka (?sp). .memories…

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