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3 Replies to “Pat Condell: An insight sharp enough to be illegal in the UK”

  1. He sums up the situation in a short concise and very correct fashion. With the new generations (to varying degrees) believing free speech is evil we are facing a long struggle to restore the rule of law and the idea that free speech is necessary for all freedom to survive. I am not sure how we do this but until the new generations either change their minds about free speech (with the descendants being influenced by them) it will take many decades to restore free speech and the rule of law.

    • The problem is “the rule of law'”. it no longer is concerned about freedom, truth and justice. This means that it is no longer worthy of being respected and thus must be ignored which means war. I see no other choice I am sad to say other than surrender and with sharia at the end of that tunnel it is not a choice.

      • I know what you mean, I don’t see any path that doesn’t lead to war, if freedom is to survive we are going to have to fight. As for the rule of law unless we start using the lefts tactics against them they won’t agree to return to the rule of law for many decades. I think we are going to have to accept the fact that tribalism is the new norm and fight to ensure that our tribe remains free.

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