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43 Replies to “ANTIFA are commie racist Nazi thugs”

  1. If anything the problem is being understated, right now the only thing that can be done is home schooling but in the long run we have to take control of the schools away from the leftist dominated Unions and return them to the Parents.

      • Animals

        Now, now. Don’t go giving innocent, defenseless animals a bad name.

        “The opposite of the human is not the animal, it is the demonic.”

        – Rabbi Hillel

  2. Fascist ideologies cooperate with all powers that they
    consider useful. Hitler has pacted with Stalin as well
    as with the Western powers, also with Islam, even with
    Zionism (Lenni Brenner). In this respect, they resemble
    today’s anti-fascists like an egg. Any attempt to categoriz
    them and compare them with historical variables fails.

    Their dominant characteristic was fanaticism and the
    unconditional “purity” of their faith, that is, to fight and,
    if necessary, murder all dissenters as enemies, even
    within their own ranks (Night of the long Knives). The
    Nazi state was neither capitalist nor communist, it was
    partly individualized, partly nationalized (third way/
    cross strategy, the “overcome dividing Jewish duality”).


    Today we have the unity of “diversity”, then the diversity of unity.
    Nazi uniforms were a product of capitalist industrialists (“Boss”),
    fashionable, chic, the death in it should be fun. Communists like
    Trotsky or Eisenstein worshiped the past, Nazis like Goebbels
    were in love with the future (“Millennial Kingdom”). Both wanted
    to create and form a “new man”, eradicate their weaknesses for
    without force and ideology the being degenerates into decadence.

    • Julius Streicher before the “international” death court: “You couldn’t
      get close to Hitler. One could only gain respect through a man’s deed.”

      I don’t know if the pig should have died 12 minutes on the
      gallows, a head shot from behind would have been more human.

      This I will translate later, it’s extremely insightful:
      “Nuremberg Trial: Right or Revenge?!”

      “The Wewelsburg: ideological centre of the SS” (featuring
      the older Karl Wolff), by Karl Höffkes & Stuart Russell

      Höffkes was once relatively right-wing, but still is, but
      has now made his archive available to Yad Vashem.

        • Is there an English transcript of this anywhere? The auto-translate is not very good. Not good enough to have any confidence whatsoever in the meaning of the translation.

      • Streicher never killed anyone by his own hands (like Hitler, Heydrich, Goebbels or Eichmann), but even for the Nazis one day he was too sick, brutal and embarrassing.

        The poison, which has fermented out his sick brain, released into the world, still works today. The “Daily Stormer” has named itself after his pornographic smearsheet.


      • Unfortunately, the guilty parties have not been convicted and all Europeans are now having to pay for their demise. Which victims Stalin or Genghis Khan demanded cannot be seen due to the lack of camera technology developed by the Nazis themselves. It is a fact that Islam has for centuries carried on more slavery than all Europeans put together.

        • It is a fact that Islam has for centuries carried on more slavery than all Europeans put together.

          An inconvenient truth so deeply buried by the Left that it will require archaeologists to excavate it.

  3. Nazism was a crude mixture of superstition, ocultism, racial
    madness and arrogance. “Du bist nichts dein Volk ist alles”
    (you are nothing, your people is everything), My honor is loyalty
    until death of million innocents. In other words: Nazism was a
    sick form of healthy national pride that was abused. It appealed
    to the lowest tribalistic instincts, and could only lead to doom.

    Multiculturalism is the same suicide, the opposite side of perverted
    humanism and internationalism. Between black and white, who are
    the daughters of the same demon in truth, there are gray levels and
    a healthy center that has not yet been found. I’m not a nationalist, I
    hate collective prejudice. However, societies are overwhelmed with
    the import of millions of foreign cultures and doomed to failure. A
    little foreign blood is like a homeopathic dose, exotic remains
    beautiful and exciting. When strangeness is part of the dominant
    street image and self-abolition becomes obvious, both strangers
    and their own are enemies. Devide and Rule, has always been the
    principle of those who want to exercise power and generate profit.

  4. My ideal is the self-determination of peoples and the preservation of their culture, language and religion. nothing can be wrong with that. Who wants to travel to the Middle East when it lives already on his doorstep on his cost?

  5. That’s why we could learn so much from Far East cultures and coexistence.


    Everything extreme, extrimistic, reactionary is pathological and an anomaly,
    and can only lead to destruction. The pendulum now deflects to the opposite,
    women are placed above men, homosexuals above families, foreign aliens
    above the own people.

    The vehemence with which madness is driven is in itself a sign of illness
    and dysfunctionality. The self-abandonment in favour of all the suffering
    of the world causes those who could save the world from all the wars to
    drown in misery with their knowledge and their punishment.

    The West, which invented all medical technical progress, did not deserve
    this (self-)contempt and contributed to the fact that millions of thirdworlders
    no longer die of hunger or disease!

    Europe is the smallest and most fragile continent in the world. It is now to
    house millions of uncivilized Africans and Arabs in its cities and “integrate”
    Islam. Europe was diversity in the smallest space: green eyes, blue eyes,
    brown eyes, red hair, blonde hair, brunette hair. It’s monoculturalised.

  6. Recently I talked about Depeche Mode, the sickle reminded
    me of their 1982 cover showing a Russian farmer’s wife. The
    song “Get the Balance right” (late 1982) actually stood for
    the middle and the balance, and not forgetting oneself.

    “Be responsible, respectable,
    Stable but gullible
    Concerned and caring, help the helpless
    But always remain ultimately selfish.”

    The Greek girl band Marsheaux had mixed some audible versions.

  7. For all early risers there is no melancholic technopopop (only in booze), but this. One should not start the day with negative thoughts, nor should one end with them.

  8. Recently I saw this video of a Dutchman who was supposed to be an airplane pilot and believes in “chemtrails”. He talks to a well-known American Nazi who looks like a miscarriage conceived by Adolf Hitler with his own mother. It’s a shame how many lies are spread.

    • Horst Lüning, who holds a doctorate in aerospace engineering, explains in German what nonsense such people spread on the Internet.

  9. European General Data Protection Act 2018

    Special Category data: Trade Union membership.

    In Europe, all AntiFA has to do is Unionize.
    Like the link to Islam, AntiFA activistism would simply fade away and become unseen. No one would know, for once anyone did, they would be able to share it.

    Pedophilia? If it’s their sexual identity they can attack anyone and any organization they want to, to make those carers of children ignorant.

  10. If you look at the world, you understand that everything has to
    do with everything. No state of Israel without Hitler, no America
    without the British Empire. “The Jews are to blame!” Yes, damn
    well, then “the Jews” must be forced to order! When the Jews
    destroy the world, let us all put on a uniform so that we feel
    greater. “The capitalists are to blame!” Let us all import the
    people’s property and live as in China or Russia.

    “The right is to blame!” Let us all abolish democracy and
    freedom of expression, then there are only politically correct
    left-wing united opinions. Without everything, without Nazis,
    men, whites, racists, we will finally be happy!

    But we, the daughters and granddaughters of Nazis, racists,
    conquerors, even whites, can’t let us down? The Muslims
    want to put on a headscarf and force us to be just one of
    many women! We can’t drink wine or hear Rollings Stones
    anymore! Please help us, Nazis, racists, white men, we are
    raped, kidnapped and murdered every day! JESUS help us!!!

  11. What’s the significance of the medallion with the swastika, the hammer, and the sickle? And whose face is that? 1934… Very interesting… I’ve got to know…

    • That was a screen capture from the critically important film, The Soviet Story, about the other 20th century Holocaust, the Holomodor.

      To be honest, i wish I had a means to get more people to see it. I do post it here from time to time as it appears on Youtube, but the photo I posted was a screen capture from the scene in which they show that early Nazi propaganda was identical to Soviet, as it was the same ideology exactly, as Goebbles explained in his book that reached 17 editions.

      The film goes on to show a lot more early Nazi art, which mimicked Soviet communist art exactly until Nazi followers got annoyed as they could no longer distinguish between the two.

      Then the Nazis diverged to a small degree.

      Some of this can be read/heard in Explaining Postmodernism by Stephen Hicks. The chapter on Nazis and Fascists.

      Maybe Ill go back and capture some more of it later today. Ill post the film as well if its still up on Youtube.

      • As I have already posted, probably too often Stalin subsidized the Nazis in the 1920s and forced the German communists to vote for them. he had the German communists in his hand but it was the social democrats that he hated and he did his very best to help the Nazis get rid of them . In addition Germany was forbidden AFVs and wartime aircraft by Versailles so the USSR took in 100s if not 1000s of Germans and trained them in armour, fighters and as paratroopers in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Stalin wanted a strong Germany to attack the west so that when the expected trench warfare set in he could attack Germany from the east and “free” Europe as a “hero”. This was the reasoning behind the Moscow berlin pact and the annexation of the Baltic states, eastern Poland , Bessarabia etc. Hitler realized this and struck the USSR about 10 days before the soviets did. Suvorov’s “the chief culprit” nutshells it. The lebensraum reason was still valid but no one in Germany wanted a 2 front war but Hitler knew that he had no longer any time. Just love how the left call the Nazis far right when the SA and antifa are so alike and socialism was a core Nazi ideal until the Night of the Long knives made the SA redundant and the SS/racial lunacy took over and socialism then faded from the scene.

  12. Since I view the world holistically, I understand the tension that took place in Germany at that time in the heart of Europe, between the pressure of the Bolsheviks from the East and the globalist pressure from the West created some kind of amalgamation, which went wrong, or it was prevented and took on the perverse form of a cancer that ate itself.

    Since the same fault lines are emerging today and entire societies are sinking into hatred towards their neighbours, Germany is the salvation, only from here can answers be found to all this. Germany unites everything, Aglo-American origin, Protestant Catholic faith, capitalist-communist past, center of Jewish culture (many Jews have German names).

    • Unfortunately, the poisoning from here, the so-called “Antifa”,
      also takes its origin. Their flag carries German words from the
      1920s, even in Canada.

      What is this all about, what did Germans do? Why do they have
      to suffer again and are prevented from being themselves? Why
      were they given one of the worst brainwashes after Hitler? Why
      are they “underage children” who need America’s “leadership”?

      Why are they an economic giant, but a political dwarf? Why did
      Americans establish post-war structures that favor weak, undem-
      ocratic personalities, and suppress strong independent ones?

  13. It is often said that Jews and Germans are hereditary enemies.
    Jews stand for liberality, Germans for authority, Jews for chaos,
    Germans for order, Jews for feeling, Germans for reason. It would
    be salutary if Germans and Jews were to reconcile and realize that
    they are both important for the survival of the world community. In
    my opinion, Germany has proved more than enough that it does
    not want “1000 years” of hostility. Either I’m too stupid or I didn’t
    hear Israel’s forgiveness. 80 years after Hitler, there must be an
    end to accusations and demands. When it comes to humiliating
    a people, one should not be surprised that it becomes the bree-
    ding ground for new anti-Semitism. But this is not the question
    Isreal is asking himself, but rather promise to paw and cement
    the guilt deep into the heart of the Germans, even if no modern
    German ever acted in Hitler’s service. Either something is wrong
    with the accusations, or one is not in a position to admit that
    certain imposed so called “facts” urgently need to be examined.

      • Pentagon’s greatest fear since over 100 years:
        German economic power and knowhow coupled
        with Russian natural resources and an endless
        market. It is so very near – and yet still so so far.


        German entrepreneur expands to Russia, despite
        all mean”Western” sanctions and boycotts, makes
        a lot of friends and big business at the same time.

    • Wait a sec I thought all that “feeling” stuff was actually from German and French postmodern philosophers. And looking at Israel, it seems to be a near fact based society rivalling Japan in some ways. Technology for instance.

    • IIRC Germany’s policies towards Israel and her kowtowing to muslims both as illegals, the million Turkish immigrants and as states have a lot to do with the Israeli attitude towards Germany. Ask yourself that if it had been Jews killing millions of Germans in gas chambers, would Germany have already forgotten and forgiven? IMVHO far too many real Nazi murderers escaped justice and that is from a person who admires Germany and the Wehrmacht/WaffenSS fighting spirit in spite of the atrocities committed and who has met not a few KL survivors and knows the truth of such camps. (have met exSS and ex gulag prisoners although now all of them are dead). With merkel at the helm aided and abetted by the German people who elected the bitch it is NO fault of Israel that Germany is betraying the west.

  14. FYI: Fascism was started by Mussolini with the stated intention of creating a fascism that works.

    Hitler started out as a communist and went to fascism when he saw a faster way to gain power in the fascist party.

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