Islamification of the West continues via leftist influence: Links 2, June 7, 2018

1. Brooklyn city councilman announces sex-segregated beach days.

(if a person wanted to pretend that he was a vampire, and that the banks were discriminating against him as a pretend vampire because they wouldn’t open at night when he could access a teller, that is how I view the following story. If you have a set of rules you voluntarily follow, you simply have no right to impose on the freedom of others to force them to inconvenience themselves because of your self imposed rules.)
A Brooklyn city lawmaker is sponsoring sex-segregated beach days to give his Jewish and Muslim constituents an opportunity to enjoy the seaside.

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch announced the first ever “Southern Brooklyn Beach Day,” with separate dates for men and women by the sandy spot behind Kingsborough Community College.


“A lot of people are disenfranchised for religious reasons,” the Democrat said. “They don’t use the beach because they don’t go mixed swimming. This is to give those people an opportunity for a day out at the beach.”

(The only potentially redeeming aspect is that this seems to be a somewhat private beach area and the council member is planning to pay for permits to do ‘events’. But it is still in breach of anti segregation laws according to the article. Nonetheless, the analogy holds for hundreds of things taking place across the West, where what a person pretends to be true is more important than everyone else’s rights to live in reality.)

2. To be clear, women using their reproductive fitness to get what they want in life, are exploiting men’s sexual desires.

This is a fact that is so obvious, that people have to push it aside with help from the neighbours to even see the BS the left tries to peddle when they claim women are the victims of their own exploiting of men.

3. This may explain it a little:

4. Watch grateful refugees from the Islamic Maghreb most likely, show their gratitude to Italian police.

5. Watch this video…

Then, read this article:

REPORT: Creston Valley Advance Article Circulating Online Refers To Justin Trudeau ‘Groping’ Young Female Reporter

6. An unfair, and yet worthy comparison.

7. One of our favorite Ozzies says: New jailing for race hate laws will create more hate. He might be missing that this is probably the point of them.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, Xanthippa, EB., Richard and so many more.

Again everyone, take a dive into the comments on the daily links post. The article on the Ontario election is a sticky. I will unstick it nearing the point where the polls close.

Post Script:

If this is another Clinton kill, they stack them up like cordwood at this point.

And the video below is the MUST RESULT of multiculturalism.



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2 Replies to “Islamification of the West continues via leftist influence: Links 2, June 7, 2018”

  1. Yes the hate crimes laws create more hate and as you say this is probably the reason they are were implemented. The left knows that racial hatred will can destroy any country, this is one of the things they are trying to use to destroy the US so their using this tactic in all other Western Nations should surprise anyone.

  2. #1: From your point of view, would it work to have a beach that had a “modesty day” and a “nudity day”? Then a particular group of people are not limited in access, but each person can self-select the day that he or she wants to participate in the dress code. Practically speaking, right now, one can dress modestly to go swimming at any time, and if one does not want to have wandering eyes for oneself, the usual solution is to go to the beach around dawn.
    Now, think about if you have a group, say, of folks being treated for anxiety, might it not help them to accommodate to others by getting them to go to the beach in different phases? The goal might be to have sex-integrated beaches, but the anxiety that is a barrier to this, needs to be alleviated.
    BTW, Jews and Muslims share a religiously-mandated parental obligation to teach their kids to swim. Since not everyone can afford private access to a swimming environment that includes modest attire, comparable to that which was once worn, I can understand the push for a beach experience. I can understand your argument and push back. What I can’t understand is the lack of will to look for a joyful solution.
    Here are some other scenarios. Would a request for separate-sex days be less offensive? Women surfers get cut off by male surfers, and want a separate-sex day, so that they can dominate the waves. Amish decide they need to wash clothes and bathe at the same time, so request separate-sex days. Women becomes exceptionally aggressive in grabbing running grunion, so men ask for a separate-sex day the next time the grunion are running. (spawning fish)

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