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7 Replies to “Ezra did live broadcast with updates on the Tommy Robinson arrest and jailing”

  1. Lord Pearson wrote to the new Home Secretary and warned him that if Tommy was hurt or murdered while in prison, that he would be prosecuted. When you go to the link below, a white box covers the article – just click and the article will be revealed.


    I’m really glad that Tommy is getting the support he so desperately needs. But, what has happened to the elderly woman who dared to question the police about Muslims being allowed to pray in Royal Parks? She was unduly arrested too, and whisked off. What is her name? Where is she now? Is anyone helping her? Have the authorities succeeded in making her disappear, because she doesn’t have Tommy’s fame?

    • She’s not in prison, at least (I guess that the authorities have judged the harassment and fear that they administered sufficient to cow her). In theory (it seems clear that other motives were present) she got in trouble for wishing someone a “gay day” – that was it, and it had nothing to do with her criticism of the police (like I said, in theory). Apparently, this is an insult to gays or something and requires the police hammering on one’s door and threatening one before putting on the cuffs. I’m sure you saw the video. Anyway, she made another where she is talking into her phone as she is released from prison and describing the ordeal.

      I did a very quick (like 5 second) search on DuckDuckGo, and came up with https://occupydemocratsparody.com/2018/05/25/lgbt-fascism-british-woman-arrested-for-have-a-gay-day/ – I’m sure there’s more out there if one is interested (and not as lazy as me!)

      • Thanks very much for the information. I really appreciate it. It’s absolutely insane in the west. Given her age, the word gay has an entirely different meaning. It’s not sexual – it just means happy. The lunatics really are running the asylum. Thanks again.

    • I came across a video of her the other day being released from jail after interrogation. She insisted on using her cell to record the interview and the police got angry and released her. She was met at discharge by some type of reporter who interviewed her and got in a cab with her to take her home.
      She claimed the police wanted her for assault due to an argument in the parking lot of a grocery where two men were shouting at her and got in her face. She pushed one of them back with one hand. BTW, the woman appeared to me to be in her 50’s, of medium female stature and was walking with a cane! So, two men complained that a woman walking with a cane assaulted them…
      The problem is that a witness told her that if anything came of it he would speak on her behalf and gave her his contact info.
      The police took her out of her apt. that morning in her PJ’s and she was still in her PJ’s upon release that afternoon in the rain!
      This is so terribly shameful. I really can’t imagine how much more of this insanity the British public is willing to endure.

      • My suspicion is that the police intimidated her witness until he changed his story and then they charged her with witness intimidation when she asked him why he did so.

      • Thanks very much for the terrific update. You are right – it is shameful. Trudeau and others are setting the stage for the same behaviour in Canada. There are no easy answers to resolving these horrible attacks on our freedoms.

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