Brilliant example of postmodern reporting

This France24 report, which is clearly carrying the Soros Brussels party line to the letter, actually makes the claim in so many words, that “Viktor Orban’s massive victory in the last election is a slide towards authoritarianism”.

See if you can grasp that. Someone who would say that an leftist who won with a smaller percentage of the popular vote would be a great example of democracy in action, while someone who is not a communist who wins huge, signals a slide to authoritarianism.

A few seconds earlier in this same clip, she compares Orban with a “dictator and a Roman Emperor.” Seriously.

Perhaps someone who is research minded can find video of this same little tool of the totalitarians in Brussels reporting on other elections so we can see her slant.

Full disclosure, I had to stop and post this at a minute, thirty two. I will watch the rest but I look forward to reading all your observations in the comments.


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  1. I don’t doubt there is corruption because it is everywhere. The example given of breaking a contract into smaller portions is very poor, however. This is done in every bureaucracy in the world even sans corruption when bureaucrats are too lazy to follow procedures. They hate to work. Again, we must assume there is corruption but where is the proof? After so many years of Orban rule and EU investigation, where is it? Hiding under a rock together with proof of Russian collusion in the 2016 U.S. election? Smells like a witch hunt to me.

    Also it amazes me, quite frankly, at what an incompetent tyrant Orban is turning out to be. What self-respecting oppressive regime allows hostile foreign journalists to wander the countryside interviewing political enemies unmolested? And allowing weaponized NGOs funded by a person who wants your country invaded and destroyed to whine freely is lousy despotic form. Fire Orban for dictator delinquancy, says I!

    All sarcasm aside, turning down street lamp lighting is a clear sign of real corruption. Studies have shown that below six lux (light measurement) the human eye can see neither colors, nor cronies stealing from the public purse.

    Ah, the good ol’ days of communism. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia to fool a fool.

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