Expelled Somalian threatened to kill Sylvia

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From this Dutch language website:

Hoorn – The Somali asylum seeker Mohammed M., who assaulted and tried to rape Hoorn-resident Sylvia Field at the end of 2016 was deported this week. However, he is again the subject of an investigation. The woman who tracked down her assailant herself was recently threatened with death several times.

After being assaulted by him, Sylvia lured the asylum seeker into a trap by pretending to be another woman who wanted to date him. M. then sent a photo of himself with her phone.

This is what Sylvia Veld (29) reported to the ‘De Telegraaf’ newspaper. Those involved in The Hague and the North Holland police confirm the expulsion of M. and the threats. The role of the Somali is being investigated.

“We take the threats seriously and the detective division has started an investigation in which the vice department is involved. An appointment has now been made for a statement,” said a North Holland police spokesperson. That Muhammad is back in Somalia does not stop the police from investigating the threats.

The Hoorn woman, who was assaulted and almost strangled in the bushes after an evening out at the end of 2016, tracked down Mohammed M. herself with the Find my iPhone app. M. had taken her phone. She lured the asylum seeker into a trap by pretending to be another woman who wanted to date him. M. then sent a photo of himself with her phone.

There have been at least two threats. The first was at the beginning of this month and came shortly after a report in this newspaper about the deportation procedure against the asylum seeker Mohammed M. He said in prison that Sylvia had to die. This was reported to the police, who notified Sylvia.

A second threat followed this week. This time a Somali man from Mogadishu posted a death threat on her Facebook account. “You’re going to die, you whore. Dirty woman,” was in the Facebook post. The police are investigating whether Mohammed M. is also involved in this threat. He may have sent the message from Mogadishu himself.

Sylvia thinks her attacker incited acquaintances in Hoorn and the surrounding area to make the threat. She is terrified. She had already indicated in De Telegraaf that she was afraid of reprisals from Mohammed M.

“I am happy and scared at the same time. Happy and relieved because he is out of the country. Finally. Afraid because, right after he landed there, I received a direct death threat from Somalia. It is very, very intimidating. I know it comes from him “, says Sylvia.

According to Sylvia, M. has been able to take his time to plan things. “He feels he’s the victim. He is far away, but his friends are still here. He has often made death threats. For this he would have to be convicted in absentia “, she says, who, together with Robert Vinkenborg, wrote the book The hunt for my rapist.

M. has been banned from entering Europe for ten years. Sylvia: “That should be lifelong. This man shows his true face. He has no regrets, he has played a big act in court. I hope that the rule of law can protect me against this criminal: this is not a refugee, but the biggest anti-social asylum seeker ever. ”

Last month, MPs put pressure on the ministry, when it turned out that M. had still not been expelled. Former secretary of state Dijkhoff promised to expedite with the expulsion of the Somali because of his conviction. He was sentenced to eighteen months in prison in June 2017, six of which were suspended.


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  1. If you track down a barbarian, best not leave them alive. That seems to be the most logical conclusion of this story. The lady has been left terrified and her assailant runs free to threaten and possibly worse.

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