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3 Replies to “Excellent tweet by Donald Trump Jr.”

  1. One of the tweets reflects on the right to receive an ubiased trial.

    But all this would never have never happened… Islam, Socialism and Sexual Identity. Each with their Hate Crimes – given them by the political class cowards. The European Union of Socialist Peoples. Using the Law against the public. Stalling Brexit. The Police as Stasi agents. The removal of fathers in the home.

    This what the world sees.

  2. Is this about poor Tommy Robinson? Can nothing be done for him? I would contribute to crowdfunding to help him. Can England afford another insult to Liberty and Freedom after Alfie Evans just a few weeks ago? They could hardly do more to make themselves obvious as entirely given over to Islam, including the government. The English have voted in many Muslims to public office. It appears they don’t realize their nation is gone. But good Tommy Robinson, he deserves our prayers and gratitude. What they are doing to him is absolutely criminal.

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