Berlin pro-AfD demo and counter demo

Today, supporters of AfD marched in Berlin in a demonstration of support that ANTIFA had promised to “Destroy Berlin” if it was ‘allowed’ to take place.

Well it didn’t go as planned for them.

According to supporters on the ground, the police were exemplary, and kept ANTIFA from doing any violent intimidation of the good burgers of Berlin.

Videos will be added to this post as they arrive. But here are a few. Savour the moment where an ANTIFA gets it right in the face by a cop.

This shows you how fast a thing can turn around with the correct political leadership. As I said in another post, it appears that the only difference between British and Canadian police and ANTIFA is the pension plan.

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  1. Hitler was a monster born in Germany.
    People born in Germany should be prould of their cultures and language. Close your borders.

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