REPORT: Pamphlets In Plattsburgh, New York Are Encouraging People To Cross Into Canada Illegally

From Spencer Fernando’s excellent Canadian news site:

The pamphlets show people where to cross, how much the taxi fare costs, and how to make sure they get into the country – revealing how Canada’s border is currently seen as a joke.

A new report by TVA Nouvelles reveals that pamphlets in New York are showing people how to cross illegally into Canada, raising serious concerns about the weakness of Canada’s borders and the attempts to circumvent them.

According to the report (French to English translation) “Voters in MP Louis Plamondon’s riding had a big surprise this past weekend. In their Plattsburgh (New York) room, a sheet indicated a procedure for illegally entering Canada. “They are told how to return illegally. “Irregular”. And we say: “You can also return on a regular basis, but it’s very dangerous,” said MP Bécancour-Nicolet-Saurel.”

Notably, “The guide states that by taking a taxi to Roxham, an irregular entry point, migrants will be able to apply for asylum in Canada. The document mentions that the application can not be made at the border crossing, that migrants will have to turn around to seek asylum in the United States, where they will be arrested, imprisoned and deported.”

Please read the rest at SF’s site.


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  1. It’s notable because it gives out false information about what happens once someone at a US border petitions for asylum.
    —> Notably, “The guide states that by tak

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