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31 Replies to ““Hamas responsible for Gazan deaths” -White House”

  1. Yes Hamas is the one getting the people killed, now if we could just get the worlds media to admit this fact.

    • We never will.
      Because there will always be “hamas”. I think the phonetic equivalent of hamas in Biblical Hebrew means “violence” – the emphatic form of the word.

      That’s part of life in this vale of tears. We deal with it; it takes our measure. Whether we know it or not, we’re making choices. We’re never alone: what we do matters. What they say – not so much.

      Jerusalem is connection. It’s a density of all the souls who’ve gone before, an embrace that suggests the transcendent. That intuition of eternity grounds you in the here and now.

      Where it’s at.

      So hamas persists as howling chaos, darkness and void. But you behold the glory of life on earth, and get into replenishing everything after its own kind.

      And that’s not only a lot of fun, but it’s also very good.

  2. PLEASE, pretty please… Get rid of the ugly snow on top of page.
    I think I speak for everyone. Cheers.

    P.S.: Of course, Hamas and devout Gazans are responsible for the deaths. What decent human being would intentionally put its child in a war zone as fodder for the enemy? People saw their savagery.

    What happened today was great. Decent (if there are any) Gazans and the World can all read through the lines. Even environmentalists, aka Greens and pro-”Pali”, will be horrified by the dense chemical smoke released by the burning tires.

    All in all, a winner day.

    • Why is snow ugly? You do not speak for me I see snowy landscapes as beautiful and love winter and have skied in blizzards for the hell of it(bend zee knees …literally : )). Sure it creates problems but so does sunshine and I dislike summer for what it does to my skin (grandfather died of melanoma).

      • I prefer summer to winter and I have had basil cell skin cancer on the back of my neck. FYI you have to be careful of the sun in the winter as well as the summer.

        • I used to do a fair bit of alpine mountain climbing when younger and pre-wounds but I found the high alpine sunlight to be devastating to my complexion (I looked like a cooked lobster). I still prefer winter as you can always get warm (and yes, even at < -20C) but you cannot escape the heat.

      • Michelle, gold, like silver, has no counterparty risk. In other words if you own it, you own money without anyone else’s say so. Contrarily the value of most other things depends on another person’s opinion. The paper money in your wallet must be backed by government (counterparty), stocks and bonds and most every other asset. Gold for this reason is the highest form of money.

        But when central banks and bullion banks of the world collude to suppress its value distortions occur. They suppress it because it competes with their paper money. It is antithetical to the Keynesian model of money supply (M1) control and interests rates setting the cost of money. Keynesians have rules the world economy for many years. Austrian school economists, however, watch in melancholic bemusement at this folly because the debt party will end tragically. They watch as central banks print and sell counterfeit gold in the form of paper certificates telling you you own something you do not, and will never be permitted to collect on when it matters most.

        Now imagine an enormous inverted pyramid. Balancing on its tiny point is all the gold ever mined in history. It still exists and would fill something like an Olympic sized swimming pool. Above this Are hard assets like real estate, fine art–tangibles. Above this start derivatives of tangibles–banking instruments. Mortgages (prime and subprime), stocks, bonds, derivatives of these, derivatives of derivatives and so on. It is a massive paper debt ponzi adding up to hundreds of trillions of dollars. All resting on a foundation of gold (and to a junior extent silver) bullion.

        The point is that once the suppression mechanisms can no longer hang on, phisical (not paper) gold and silver get recalibrated much, much higher in fiat currency terms.

        • Thank you for that.. not a little over my head but I do get the gist of it. My grandfather always said that he had a gold bar or two hidden away(bought at as he remembered all too well the depression and just how paper money inflated (RE and gold he said) he told me the price of gold was then ~20$/oz. as I was still a child when he died I have no idea as to if he was telling the truth.

          • You’re welcome. And I will say that as an autodidact it has taken me, too, considerable time and blank staring to absorb this furtive world of money.

          • He was telling the truth back then gold was between $16 and $20 an ounce (troy ounce not Avoirdupois) there are 12 Troy ounces to a pound.

            FDR took us off the gold standard but pegged the price of gold as $32 per ounce. Nixon unpegged gold and is now blamed for taking us off the gold standard.

            Back when it was $16 per ounce one ounce of gold would buy almost exactly what one ounce of the current $1297 per ounce gold. The prices have remained steady in value but devaluing the currency has increased the price in fiat money. This is why there is currently a law on the books in the US that if you purchase items or pay debts in gold it is to be valued at $50 per ounce. The devaluation of the currency printing more is how the libs expect to pay off our debt. The problem is that all nations are using fiat money and are devaluing their currency to make their debt seem lower. This system will end up crashing and given the amount of inflation since we went off gold the crash will be real nasty.

            When the crash comes the left will try to blame it on Capitalism and try to take us full communist.

            • Ya know, I wouldn’t mind inflation so much but why does it have to hit right now, when prices are so high?!?

    • His Sultan Knish pieces are exquisite. That last paragraph brought tears to my eyes.

      He must’ve been a dynamite youth group leader and camp counselor.

  3. Qatar for the Omniscient Twitterati only SEEMS to be in league with the Devil. In FACT Qatar is secretly working with the fantasy GCC.[*]

    Here’s the plot:
    The weapons Qatar’s buying for jihadis everywhere are going to Saudis DISGUISED as hairy jihadis. Sunni, Shitte, Kurd, even WOMEN!!

    They speak local dialects flawlessly, even variants of Farsi. (Though they might actually need Pashto and Urdu.)

    That’s so there won’t be any hard feelings when the _MODERATE Brotherhood_ of Gulf dictators win peace everlasting in the Middle East.

    Emphatic caps are trademark Twitterati.

    Trouble is, that’s killer _bull_.
    Just as Assad has said, mercenaries are the predominant fighters on every field. Stop the salaries, stop the weapons, that’s the ballgame.

    The Turk didn’t take Afrin with the modern Turkish army: He paid and armed ethnic Turkmen to kill Kurds and keep everything they could grab and hold. Land, livestock, women.

    Iran is shuttling Afghans and Pakis to regions being ethnically cleansed of Sunnis. They’re cheap and expendable; ethnic Persians are not serving as soldiers. They’re the officers, profiteers, and bloody mullahs.

    Qatar is financing jihad. Keeping things in flux by playing both sides against the middle. Its mouthpiece al-Jazeera is inciting murder and mayhem at a distance. It’s The Turk’s megaphone.

    What Amaq is to ISIS, al-Jaz is to Hamas. Now, of course, the Qatar-sheltered MB has totally infiltrated the globalist MSM, so we hear the BBC, et al. shriek “Gaza!” and not the infinitely more grievous Yarmouk.

    How will Omniscient Twitterati spin Qatar clean?

    I don’t have the script for the double-agents and false twisted flags. They’ll come up with something, complete with videos with red arrows to tell you where to look and what to think.

    But it’s all fake news.
    I get propaganda and war, morale, disinfo – “cognitive warfare” pdfs are littering my hard-drive. I just object to the transparently stupid stuff about the Middle East.

    I’m offended…that means it must be raycissss~
    [*] Invention of this awesome ‘Arab Sunni coalition’ army seems to be the central thrust of Our Side’s PR campaign.

    They’re not only super-duper extra-special forces, they try not to _kill_ the enemy. Or only the really, really bad guys even Amnesty Internat’l would kill.

    Boost image of the Strong Horse and the – new! moderate! – tards so we can bow out of the sandbox and feel ok about it.

  4. Hamas responsible for Gazan deaths” -White House

    How refreshing to see someone, anyone, finally finger the blame properly in this continuing dog’s breakfast. As always, nobody, but nobody, kills Muslims like other Muslims. It’s just like how the biggest killers of young Black men are other young Black men. Both are statistical facts that the MSM is desperately trying to ignore.

    Thank goodness for the Internet’s ability to tear these masks aside so that the writhing mass of corruption and rot beneath them can be seen by all.

  5. It’s a statement of the obvious, really, but the MSM wants to go on playing the Palestinian victim fiddle. A man who throws himself under a bus is not the innocent victim of a road traffic accident, he’s probably an extortionist.

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