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6 Replies to “Some unusual reasonable analysis of the Russian-US cold war Mark II, and Iran-Israel”

  1. We are entering into the second Cold War and as in the first we will be fighting small and at times large hot wars while fighting the Cold War.

    • IMO we are already in a global war, it is just that so many refuse to believe it and it is not hard to see why as it may disrupt creature comforts. The fact that the UK is fast approaching 1984 status is absolute proof that they are pre-empting any possible revolution by the serfs err proles and that with the cancerous expansion of ghettoes in the UK the infidel proles will be locked into their own gulags. I await the arrival of the UK internal passport as it cannot be far off.

      • We are in a Global War with Islam, we are entering a new Cold War with Russia, the two are occurring at the same time in history but while there will be times when the goals of our enemies in certain areas are the same the two enemies are not allies in and historical sense of the word. Putin is using Islam as a weapon to weaken the west, Islam is using Putin as a weapon/threat to prevent someone like Trump from deciding to end the war quickly.

        We are also in a Cold War (so far it is cold) with China and once again while China and Russia are suppose to be allies their goals are radically different and they will turn on each other when one of them considers the time to be right.

        The best way to look at what is happening is to study the Peloponnesean war or to look at what Italy was like during the Renaissance.

  2. All of which continues to demonstrate why preventing Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is so imperative. History will take a dim view should this not be prevented.

    • We don’t have long to prevent the Iranians from getting nukes and delivery systems that will reach anywhere in the world. China is willing to help them acquire nukes as long as their missiles can’t reach China. The crisis in the Middle East helps China by requiring the US to split our forces into two locations, and the Wanna Be Caliphs are pushing for more Islamic trouble in South America and the Pacific to force us to split our forces one or two more times.

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