The US is to open its embassy in Jerusalem tomorrow: Links 2, May 13, 2018

1. It is now official that the Paris knife jihadi was Islamic, it was an IS motivated attack, and the fellow is named and from Chechnia.

Police Name Slain Paris Terrorist Suspect ‘Born In Chechnya’

French authorities have identified the slain suspect in a deadly Paris knife attack as Khamzat Azimov, a naturalized French citizen who was born in Russia’s Chechnya region in 1997.


Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said on May 13 that Azimov attained French citizenship in 2010 “following his mother.”


Griveaux also said Azimov had been registered in a Paris police database in 2016 as a person “with propensity for radical actions.”


Azimov, who reportedly moved to Strasbourg with his parents after arriving from Chechnya, was shot dead by police after killing a 29-year-old man and injuring four others on May 12 in a neighborhood near the Opera Garnier.

2. If this is factually correct the UK is in a dark e-coli infested cauldron of trouble.

3. More on Paris

Nigel Farage

This Euronews is a rather sterling example of EU Narrative propaganda. Two things to note. Using something very akin to the Islamic concept of ‘kitman’, they try and make the inference that the attacker is Russian, and they quote not what the attacker said, but a deliberate mistranslation without saying he was shouting the Arabic, “alah hu ackbar”. Possibly to give a false impression of the motive, but certainly to deflect from the Islamic one.

4. Cafe terrace in Antwerp. A lovely day to weaponize patio furniture.

5. Next Year in Jerusalem!

Thank you all who are paying attention. Who send in news, and point out the propaganda we are being fed on a minute-by-minute basis.

Great and terrible things are happening now everywhere and often. This is the time to hold on to one’s wits.


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11 Replies to “The US is to open its embassy in Jerusalem tomorrow: Links 2, May 13, 2018”

  1. There is no hope for Britain. Too many Muslim communities, the complete loss of freedom of opinion, heavily-enforced censorship, a brainwashed and pussified police force, and general British cowardice.

    • Correction, there are two hopes for Britain, 1) Revolution, 2) Invasion and Liberation. Don’t give up on any country, when you start giving up on countries where do you stop? We have to fight Islam everywhere until they surrender, that is how we win, we don’t win by giving up on countries and letting Islam have them.

      No enemy is ever defeated until they say they are defeated, you are saying you are defeated.

        • I know enough history to know that the west has been this far down before and fought its way back to the top, all we have to do is keep fighting. This is why the communist kill or reeducate list (to be used after they take over) includes all collage educated people, they know that a counter revolution or in this case a resistance to the invasion movement can be successful. For this to work you need the support of about 33% of the population. they don’t have to fight but they have to support the movement.

          History tells us where we have been and what we have done, once you know enough history you know what can be done.

          The left is trying to convince us that resistance is futile but we can win if we keep fighting.

    • OT: While I was looking for videos to post I found these two movies that I think you will like.

      Man with a Gun stars Robert MItchem.

      The Sundowners is an excellent movie that deserves better then being forgotten by all but a few die hard western fans.

  2. May and her hard core allies should be removed by any means.(Guy Fawkes where are you?) Would that start a civil war or at least create a period of sustained martial law? What difference would that make to what is happening now?

    • Would that start a civil war or at least create a period of sustained martial law? What difference would that make to what is happening now?

      Very good, I don’t push for a violent resistance because I know it will get Vlad in trouble.

      The difference would be visible and matter only to nitpickers like me. If she is removed through active measures the result stands (working from inadequate data) a better then even chance of ending up with a military government that would fight the invaders. If this happens they (or at least their Special Operators) would probably push for the raising, training and arming of local militias to be the first line of defense for the various communities and neighborhoods.

      That is all I can think of right now but you know the French and their military better then I do do you are going to have to decide if there is a good chance of a military government that will defend France.

      Remember the last French revolution as from the Colonists in North Africa and portions of the Foreign Legion. It failed but only because de Gaulle came out of retirement to take over the French Government.

      You would need a popular leader for the people to rally around.

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