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2 Replies to “Worthy questions about yet another jihadi wandering Canadian streets”

  1. In any Western military force the act of murder is taken very seriously. Not so in Canada.

    And this terrorist murderer is one who actually admits, in a podcast, to committing murder of a prisoner.

    ISIS war criminal murderers of course get a pass by the Canadian government, and in fact are revered for the “extraordinarily powerful voice” they can use to contribute to our society.

    “We know that actually someone who has engaged and turned away from … hateful ideology can be an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization,” Canada’s Prime Minister has said about those who may return to Canada after setting off and joining the ranks of the self-proclaimed Islamic State. -from Global News: Roy Green: Trudeau’s troubling take on returning ISIS fighters

    • You guys in Canada are in real trouble.
      Several years ago the Saudis tried an “anti-radicalization” program and it was a complete failure.
      Your Trudeau gov’t is insanity writ large.

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