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  1. Kerry Protested Vietnam With ‘Hanoi’ Jane and ‘Radical’ Ramsey
    On the campaign trail, presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry regularly boasts about his Vietnam War combat experience, which earned him three purple hearts, plus the silver and bronze stars.

    But the Massachusetts Democrat doesn’t much discuss what he did after returning home, when he became a much-celebrated organizer for one of America’s most radical anti-war groups and rubbed shoulders with the likes of ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

    As a rising star with Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Kerry attended a February 1971 seminar bankrolled by Fonda, who was the group’s most prominent booster. Watching 125 self-proclaimed Vietnam veterans testify at a Detroit Howard Johnson’s about atrocities committed by U.S. forces, the man who would be president later said he found the accounts shocking and irrefutable.

    Dubbed “The Winter Soldier Investigation,” the protest attracted minimal media attention, according to the Los Angeles Times, because Fonda insisted it be held in the remote Michigan city rather than the less “authentic” Washington, D.C.

    Still, the event gave Kerry an idea for a protest that was sure to be a media smash, and he immediately set out to organize one of the most confrontational protests of the entire Vietnam War.

    Operation Dewey Canyon III began on April 18, 1971, when nearly 1,000 Vietnam vets gathered on the Washington, D.C., Mall for what they called “a limited incursion into the country of Congress.”

    The group staged mock firefights on the steps of the Capitol and Supreme Court and defied U.S. Park Police after the Justice Department issued an injunction barring them from camping on the Mall.

  2. Bosnian leader: Erdo?an long-awaited mentor for Muslims (hurriyetdailynews, May 12, 2018)

    “Bosnian leader Bakir Izetbegovic said May 12 that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an is a mentor for the Muslims, a fact that makes him unpopular in the West.

    Speaking at an event organized by his Party of Democratic Action (SDA) in capital Sarajevo, the chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina said: “Our friend is not very popular in the West, because Erdo?an is a long-awaited great leader for the Muslims.”

    “They (West) are not disturbed by primitive and ignorant Muslims,” he said.

    “But when it come to economic development, they are disturbed by a man who opens his doors to three million refugees, who builds the world’s largest airport, deals with terrorism and wars at his country’s borders.”

    Erdo?an is expected to visit Sarajevo on May 20.

    Izetbegovic said that their meeting during the visit will focus on a highway project that will link Sarajevo and Serbia’s capital Belgrade.”

  3. North Korea is expected to soften air space restrictions and provide more access to foreign media than it has in decades in order to demonstrate it is dismantling nuclear testing ahead of diplomatic talks.

    The country on Saturday confirmed it will invite reporters from the U.S., South Korea and other countries to “ensure transparency of discontinuance of the nuclear test,” according to state media and reported by Reuters.

    To bring in the foreign reporters, North Korea will be “opening territorial air space” between May 23 and 25 to fly them in through China. Upon landing in the city of Wonsan, the guests will board a train to the facility said to be housed in an “uninhabited deep mountain area” near Mount Mantap.

  4. New York Times Demands Facebook Censor Pro-Life Websites

    As we see the left struggle to get a foothold on their agenda, they embrace the idea of censoring any viewpoint that they disagree with. This accelerated when Trump was elected “against their will.” According to the NYTimes, Facebook is to censor pro-life websites.

    The American communist Left has begun an all-out push in the age of President Donald J. Trump to completely destroy our history. They are starving to erase our culture and traditions as well. This is likely because they sense that our 45th president just may be the one capable of defeating them once and for all with his “MAGA” message!

    (RELATED NEWS: Report: Another Judge Denies Mueller Of His ‘Unfettered’ Power)

    Now, the leftist media seek to eliminate all pro-life websites and viewpoints. If you find that alarming, you haven’t seen anything yet. Now, apparently the left owns and operates Facebook.

    • New York Times Demands Facebook Censor Pro-Life Websites

      Too rich! The Fifth Estate demanding censorship.

      The irony is thick enough to spread on toast.

      Thank goodness the Grey Lady is on her deathbed.

  5. Stormy Daniels’ attorney faces disbarment complaint, questions over funding, finances

    Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti is finding himself on the hot seat over a disbarment complaint and questions about who is funding him and how he obtained bank records for Trump attorney Michael Cohen, ZeroHedge reported.

    And now there is a legal complaint seeking Avenatti’s disbarment.
    What are the details?

    According to the report: “Questions have emerged over who’s funding Avenatti, how he was privy to Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s bank records – and how exactly did he obtain banking transactions for two men also named Michael Cohen, who he wrongly accused in a seven-page ‘dossier’released this week.”
    Anything else?

    Other questions have come to light over a bankrupt coffee chain Avenatti allegedly left with $5 million in unpaid taxes to the IRS, dozens of filed in connection with the failed venture, and $160,000 allegedly owed to a coffee vendor.

  6. Obama admin. spied on Trump campaign more than previously known, set ‘spy traps,’ new reporting says

    Following Kimberly Strassel’s bombshell reporting at the Wall Street Journal that alleges the FBI may have placed a spy in the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, a well-known investigative reporter dropped another bomb.

    Paul Sperry, who writes for RealClearPolitics and the New York Post, reported Friday the Obama administration set spy “traps” for low-level officials in the Trump campaign.
    First, what did Strassel report?

    The Justice Department and FBI has long maintained it opened a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign after it received a tip about drunken rumblings from then-Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos.

    That claim was called into question this week after House officials won a battle with the DOJ to review information that is so top-secret that the agency claimed lives would be in danger if more eyes viewed it. In particular, they claimed a U.S. citizen, who has provided intelligence for the FBI and CIA, would be put at risk.

  7. New York governor sued over NRA smear campaign

    The National Rifle Association filed a lawsuit on Friday against New York state officials, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, over what the group referred to as a “blacklisting campaign” staged against them by the defendants.

    According to the NRA’s complaint, New York’s governor and Department of Financial Services actively worked to convince banks and insurers to cease doing business with the gun-rights organization in a “campaign of selective prosecution, background exhortations, and public threats.”

    New York officials are accused of running a politically-motivated crusade that hinders the right of the NRA to “speak freely about gun-related issues and defend the Second Amendment” according to the suit.

    Earlier this month, NYDFS imposed a $7 million fine on Lockton Cos., LLC, the insurance broker that administered NRA Carry Guard – which offers personal firearms liability policies.

    • Suicide bombers attack churches in Indonesia, at least six dead

      Suicide bombers attacked three churches in Indonesia’s second-largest city of Surabaya on Sunday, killing at least six people and wounding more than 35 others, police said.

      Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-majority country and has seen a recent resurgence in homegrown militancy.

      Police told media the attacks were carried out by “suicide bombers” and warned the toll could rise further.

      East Java police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera said explosions took place in three churches and 35 people had been taken to hospital.

      “There is one location where we can’t enter yet,” Mangera told reporters near the scene of one of the bombings.

      Television footage showed one church engulfed in fire, with thick, black smoke billowing up.

      Media reports said a woman with a younger child and a teenager had just entered one church and was being questioned by security when the bomb exploded.

      Television images showed toppled motorcycles and debris scattered around the entrance of one church and police cordoning off areas as crowds gathered.

      Authorities were also investigating whether there was an explosion at a fourth church.

      There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks.

      The bombings come days after Islamist militant prisoners killed five members of an elite counter-terrorism force during a 36-hour standoff at a high security jail on the outskirts of the capital, Jakarta.

      Indonesia has had some major successes tackling militancy inspired by al Qaeda’s attacks on the United States in 2001. But there has been a resurgence of Islamist activity in recent years, some of it linked to the rise of Islamic State.

      The most serious incident was in January 2016 when four suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a shopping area in central Jakarta.

      Churches have also been targeted previously, including near-simultaneous attacks on churches there at Christmas in 2000 that killed about 20 people.

      Police ordered the temporary closure of all churches in Surabaya on Sunday, and a large food festival in the city was cancelled.

  8. the gateway pundit : OH BOY! Iranian Regime Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes to Pass Nuke Deal

    On Saturday John Kerry was spotted at a meeting with Iranian officials in Paris, France.
    Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari warned Western officials this week that if they do not put pressure on the Trump administration the Iranian regime will leak the names of all Western officials who were bribed to pass the weak deal.
    H.J.Ansari Zarif’s senior advisor:

    “If Europeans stop trading with Iran and don’t put pressure on US then we will reveal which western politicians and how much money they had received during nuclear negotiations to make #IranDeal happen.”
    That would be interesting.#JCPOA

  9. 14 AntiFa Arrested During Pro Trump Rally Protest In Portland Oregon – Explosives Confiscated By Portland Police
    As anyone with half a brain already knew would happen, the Alt-Left protesting Freedom of Speech, caused trouble on June 4th. Not only did the Alt-Left mascots known as AntiFa assault conservatives, police, and even regular bystanders, they brought weapons. However, the MSM has done their best to paint both parties as the villain. They have continued to use words like alt-right, white supremacist, extremists, and more. Even after AntiFa was caught with Dynamite and other explosives and IED’s whereas Conservatives were not.

  10. Israel: Jerusalem residents march against US embassy move

    Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Jerusalem on Saturday, to demonstrate against the planned move of the US embassy to the city. Protesters also condemned the Jerusalem Day Flag March, scheduled for Sunday, commemorating the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City.

  11. What do the people of Jerusalem think of the new US embassy?

    Judge Jeanine hit the streets of Israel to discuss the new embassy and President Trump for a very special edition of ‘Street Justice.’

  12. Judge Jeanine in Jerusalem: Donald Trump recognized history

    President Trump has reassured the world that his word is worth more than any former United States president who made the promise to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

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