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6 Replies to “Hungarian Ambassador to the USA speaks to a gathering about Europe and its future”

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    Secure Freedom Radio Podcast – Frank Gaffney – May 11, 2018
    With Matthew Brodsky, Bill Gertz, Daniel Horowitz and David Goldman
    David Horowitz @ 21:07

    “The DHS continues to facilitate ‘caravan’ invasion against Trump’s wishes”
    Even a wall won’t stop our bad policies.
    by Daniel Horowitz – May 8, 2018

  2. This man strikes me as quintessentially Hungarian. His opening jocular charm gives way to a most sombre reality.

    • He forgot to mention Hungarian conribution to the cosmetics industry. Maybe that’s because the Lauder Spawn seems to have gone Soros [yech, poo].

    • Great question. This is the second time they have taken it down. I may have to upload it myself. It is truly excellent.

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