The Hague: ‘Offender stabbing was dead calm, he did not seem confused at all’

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From this Dutch language news site:

The man who just yesterday stabbed three people at the Hague University did not make a confused impression. That is what Ali, owner of the café Nova, says, where the stabbing started.

“The man is not a customer of ours. He sat quietly on a communal bench by the door, near the water, “says Ali. “Until he got up and walked a few meters towards us. There was a young boy just drinking something and that man started to stab him. It was awful. But what was so crazy was that he remained dead calm, the perpetrator. We helped the boy right away because he was bleeding a lot. ”

According to Ali, the man remained calm. ,, Someone of us went after him and called to passersby: stay away from him, stay away from that man! So that someone would not be stabbed. Yet he stabbed two more people. And he kept on walking calmly, quietly. No, I did not hear him call or something like that. But that he is confused, what I read, does not seem true to me. ”


According to the police, the victims are in bad shape, but no longer critical. The victims were at three locations around the water at the Hogeschool, with a hundred meters between them. It concerns a 21-year-old from Zoetermeer and two Hague residents aged 35 and 41. The perpetrator walked calmly around the water and was eventually shot and arrested by the police. On films from bystanders, he seems to call Allahu Akbar during his arrest.

For the time being, the police are maintaining for the moment that the perpetrator is a confused man known to them. He was known to emergency services. But the police emphasize that the fact that the man was known as confused does not automatically mean that he was confused at the time of the stabbing. ” That is all being investigated, ” says a spokeswoman. The police are also investigating all of his statements recorded on camera images. All options, including a terrorist motive, will be examined.

An eyewitness passing by, quite coincidentally right behind the 31-year-old perpetrator, also says that the stabber seemed calm. “He walked quietly, with that knife in his left hand.” That the man could stab two people, the witness can explain. ” I thought: he already had his fight. He had a fight in that lounge down there, where they were busy with that victim. I didn’t know he was going to stab two more. Until he suddenly attacked someone with a bicycle at the Consumentenbond.”

Suspect was known to the police and he was called “confused” because of this incident last year:

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  1. I believe it is the Dutch that are confused. This Muslim invaders was quite clear in his intentions.

  2. Offender stabbing was dead calm, he did not seem confused at all

    So much for the usual “mental retardation” excuse.

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