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16 Replies to ““The FBI had an anti-Trump 5th column” Former Assistant Dir. Kallstrom”

  1. “The FBI had an anti-Trump 5th column” Former Ass. Dir. Kallstrom

    I’m unsure as to whether I’d ever want “Former Ass.” appearing anywhere on my resume.

  2. What happened is Rosenstein handed over to Mueller full powers over the third extension of the first FISA warrant that was directed at Carter Page. And with that, Mueller is continuing the FBI investigation which grants him pull power over any thread that might seem interesting, including anyone or anything related to Trump (personally or professionally).

    Mueller, not only is acting as Special Counsel for the DOJ but also as an investigator for the FBI. And this, courtesy of Rosenstein – the traitor.

    • To understand how far Mueller can go, he sent one of his prosecutors to the Tax Archives to dig out the information of a Court case from some 20 years ago where the individual had been cleared in Court. This individual had some ties to Trump a long time ago.

      Well, Mueller is now in the process of re-indicting the individual for the same charges.

      Mueller’s intent, and by extension Rosenstein also, is not to win or to lose, although winning is preferable. It is to ruin anybody (reputation, profession, financial, family…) that ever was in Trump’s environment as a lesson to others similar to Trump – non-establishment and wealthy – to never ever make a run for the Presidency.

      Pure evil and the Deep State.

      • During Obama’s first term I had a friend call me up and beg me to tell her the US wasn’t a communist country, I told her I couldn’t because that would be a lie.

        Now saying we aren’t a Third World Country would be a lie. Some Judges are fighting back against the weaponizing of the legal code against the people the Deep State and the Far left see as political dangers. The Judicial push back may be able to stop the worst violation of the rule of law but they will not stop all of them and with every successful use of the weaponized legal code we come closer to the violent civil war.

        • It took one judge, one with integrity, to get the ball rolling.
          Yesterday, another judge refused to postpone a Russian case against Mueller. Postponement was requested by the Mueller team.

          I blame the U.S. Media, especially CNN, for their willful omission of relevant facts and their bilious behavior. I’ve never seen such dishonesty and vitriol from a cable news network.

          • I’ve never seen such dishonesty and vitriol from a cable news network.

            In the gentlest possible terms, please don’t hold your breath.

          • I don’t have a television, but I had to give up watching clips the summer before the election. CNN first, then others.

            I’d watch two minutes and cry for the rest of the evening. So I made a list of sites to boycott. The list has only grown since then.

      • A slight correction:

        Mueller sent his goons to raid the Tax Archive who appropriated a 13-year old case against Manafort that had been dismissed.

        The current Manafort case before Judge Ellis is based on the information of the dismissed case. The Mueller Raid was carried out without a warrant, which was obtained one week after the raid.

      • Let’s just hope it fires up the _fighters_ instead.
        Give the the Corruptocrats a lesson about the resilience of American patriots.

      • Questions:

        17.) Though you were not yet director of the FBI, do you know why the FBI would not accept the intelligence information from the U.S. military regarding 9/11 attacker Mohammed Atta?

        18.) If the FBI had received that information from the Able Danger team, what actions could have been taken to prevent 9/11?

        19.) Did you leak information to the press or authorize the leak about nonexistent allegations against Weldon?

        What about The Man Who Knew John O’Neal?

        “Yemen Ambassador Barbara Bodine Blocked John O’Neill’s USS Cole Investigation” Federaljacktube4 – Published on February 16, 2011
        See Description Box

        Thomas J. Pickard, Preceded by Louis Freeh, Succeeded by Robert Mueller


        The FBI’s bureaucracy, and Pickard in particular, has been implicated as an opponent of FBI agent John P. O’Neill. Among other disruptions of O’Neill’s career was a leak to The New York Times; in the PBS Frontline documentary The Man Who Knew. O’Neill’s significant other said O’Neill suspected Pickard might have leaked information to the Times, but when confronted Pickard assured O’Neill that he had not. The Times story was seen as a final signal by O’Neill that he should leave the FBI.

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