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7 Replies to “Palestinians using their children as human shields”

  1. They will never, ever be reasonable and they will never ever negotiate in good faith. Any country that knowingly allows these people to enter is going to be fighting them one day just like the Israelis in the video. And that fight will go on until they are either defeated or they win. And that country will always be getting worse and worse and the people will be getting more and more stressed until one day they say, “Enough! Anything has to be better than this!” And then they will fall down on their knees and say, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.” And then you will experience the peace of Islam.

    • Nothing new there: children, women, civilians are all expendable in the name of allah. Go check up on Iranian child volunteers(thx to the local imam) marching across minefields to clear them with fragmented child bodies splattering the defenders . This horrified the veteran Iraqi troops facing them.

      • This horrified the veteran Iraqi troops facing them.

        Anecdotal accounts have portrayed even hardened Iraqi military veterans as having wept openly as ten-year-old Iranian boys were marched through the minefields and blown to shreds.

        This willingness for a nation to meaninglessly snuff the flower of its youth is symptomatic of something far beyond evil.

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