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8 Replies to ““The problem in those neighborhoods is Islam!” -French city Mayor!”

  1. Courage to tell the truth will automatically be punished in France, and so what was going to happen to Robert Menard, the mayor of Bezieres, happened:

    He got attacked by the Left, with police or other “forces de l’ordre” being pointedly and suspiciously absent. While he was the leader of “Journalists sans Frontières” which he founded, Robert Menard,was the darling of the Left. This changed markedly when, as mayor, he became outspoken against the illegal and violent muslim invasion of his town and – the horror the horror – even insisted against the “orders” of the islamophile PC Powers (Politics/Judiciary/Media) on installing a nativity scene in his Town Hall.

    But recently, DARING to name Islam by its real name, instead of by the coward’s euphemism “islamism”, enraged the Left and assorted “islamo-collabos” even more, so when he was invited to speak at what the dhimmy media call the “extreeeeeeeeeeme rrrrrrright”, ie the FN (Marine Le Pen’s party), the fascists (from the neo-left and assorted France-haters) announced their presence and kept the promise of this threat. Surprisingly (or not !!!), no police showed up, and so what was to happen happened, they violently attacked Robert Menard physically, with the courageous Mayor even ending up on the ground.



    Poor France !

    • This is one of the signs that the resistance is growing, Europe isn’t lost until there is no resistance to the Islamic Conquest and we in what is left of Western Civilization decide that we can’t or won’t help Europe. This war is an existential war and we have to fight the enemy everywhere they are active. We don’t have the luxury of deciding that we can set behind the oceans and fight only when attacked in the homeland. We either take the war to the enemy all around the world or we end up losing.

    • He’s brave and inspires people like Richard and me.
      (I know, that’s pretty pathetic…
      …but at least the Resistence has cheerleaders.)

  2. Is Islam the problem?

    Would the world be a better place without Islam?

    Would India be better without Islam?

    Would Pakistan and Afghanistan be better without Islam?

  3. If this was 1971 and I was a book publisher and you came in with a novel about Islam taking over the West and the West simply sleeping through it, I would have said that your book was implausible and nobody would read a silly story like that.

    What’s happened is that they have changed the very nature of our personalities always pushing us away from the “rugged individual” who takes care of things himself, and toward being the well-behaved cooperative citizen who always waits for the authorities to solve his problems, no matter how incompetent those authorities may be. How long do you think one of these “no-go” zones would have lasted in 1960? What do you suppose would have happened after the Ariana Grande massacre had it happened back then? And the same would be true in France, the US, Canada, the UK, you name it. They have literally brainwashed us to the point that we cannot defend ourselves, much as a spider first infects its prey with venom to keep it from being able to move then kills it at its leisure…

    • Chris,
      I don’t see a change “the very nature of our personalities”, so much as an advanced stage of deterioration. By 1971 the disease was abundantly manifest. We weren’t fighting, we were joining.

      In those days we were busy celebrating Communists, both open and concealed. And the Communists were supporting Islam in all its barbarity. We didn’t get a play-by-play, but we weren’t entirely in the dark either.

      The universities were occupied by students who’ve grown up to become faculty today. They became more subtle, that’s all. Rounded-off the edges of the Red Guard so they look like SJWs. The flags they use for “protests” are identical.

      Instead of “Trump-Russia”, it was Nixon-Watergate. The media was plenty corrupt back then, carrying water for Ho Chi Minh (Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters). Lies about Cambodia, Vietnam. Abuse of veterans by shirkers.

      The Kennedys outright owned the Democrat Party. Teddy was colluding – in fact – with Yuri Andropov.[*] That’s the KGB monster most closely identified with mass abuse of weaponized psychiatry, among other crimes against humanity.

      They celebrated terrorist-murderers in Latin America, we glorify jihadi-murderers in Israel.
      For that matter, complacent Europe was unfazed by the massacre of Israeli athletes on its own soil (Munich Olympics, 1972).
      [*]”Ted Kennedy And The KGB “.

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