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9 Replies to “Israeli ambassador to United States on evidence against Iran”

  1. A lot of stuff happening in Iran.
    Just look at sudden major devaluation of Iranian currency a few weeks ago. Banks are being emptied i.e. major $$$ transfers.
    They know something real bad is happening.

    • They know it and are getting ready for it, the money is transferred to banks where they can use it to live on and to finance terrorism from.

    • Interesting essay, positive possibilities:
      Trump’s ‘madness’ may be doing the trick

      …It’s true that Iran is in the middle of an economic crisis. It’s true that the Iranian currency is collapsing. It’s true that there are different streams in Iran. But the thing is, as an exiled Iranian professor told me a decade ago, the Iranian regime doesn’t go by rational or conventional rules. Its logic is similar to Hamas’ logic:

      The most important thing is the damage inflicted on the enemy, regardless of the harm to Iran’s residents. That’s why it’s more important to invest a fortune in a military infrastructure in Syria than to solve Iran’s economic problems. Just like Hamas prefers to invest tens of millions of dollars in the industry of death than in the Gaza Strip’s reconstruction.…


  2. How Israel obtained Iran’s nuclear secrets
    Sources reveal how Mossad agents smuggled half a ton of top-secret records from Iran’s nuclear program from Tehran to Israel.

    According to a report Monday night by The New York Times which cited an anonymous Israeli senior official, the massive document haul was undertaken in a January 2017 operation he hailed as one of Israel’s “greatest achievements” in intelligence gathering.

    Israel’s national intelligence agency, the Mossad, discovered the location of the Iranian nuclear weapons program’s secret file archive in Tehran in February 2016, the source told the Times, which Netanyahu revealed was located in the Shorabad district.

    Last January, Mossad agents infiltrated the archive in an overnight operation, removing the half ton of material, and smuggled the files to Israel that very same night.

    No details on the technical execution of the covert operation were provided.

    Iranian officials were initially unaware the documents had been removed, learning of the infiltration only months later, Yediot Ahronot reported Tuesday morning.

    Mossad chief Yossi Cohen later informed Donald Trump of the successful operation during a trip to Washington.


    • The people who carried out this massive intel coup will never have to buy another meal, their peers in their own and other nations will willing pay for the food to hear snippets of the story.

      • The curious would be well advised to save their money.
        Disinfo has been sent far and wide to protect sources and methods. That’s better cover than the 9-Sacred Seals.

        • You mean you are going to begrudge the Mossad people a few free meals for spinning tall tales? Only fools would expect the stories to be what really happened.

          • How do you know who’s who?
            Mossad can disguise itself as a vulture or a lizard. You just never know. The gullible could go broke!

            Disinfo is already pouring from vectors of dissemination. I’m reading re-tweeted howlers off an IDF blog, such as:

            It’s a Sunni Arab triumph, of course! The Jews are only their agents, the brains and the guts can’t be J E W!

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