Trudeau government claims it wants to avoid “foreign interference” ahead of 2019 vote

How ironic as its on record that Obama sent his own election team to get Trudeau elected and it is widely believed that certain Islamic governments had a great deal to do with the sudden rise from the low 30s to the over 80% of Muslims in Canada who suddenly voted, and voted for Trudeau as a first ballot.

Lets hope the awakened and red pilled Chinese will counter that one in 2019.

The CBC manages to get a slight dig in at Trump in this clip as well. Essentially the CBC is agitprop for cultural Marxists at this stage.

There is just a ton of irony in this clip. There is no one headline that would carry it all really so I picked the one aspect that bugged me at the moment. But there is a ton of stuff that needs examination in this short clip.

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