Islam party of Belgium interview

 A fair amount of deception and spin in this fellow’s answers.
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Founder of “Islam” party treats Belgian women like trash during TV debate

Redouane Ahrouch, the founder and the president of Belgium’s “Islam” party, refused to look women in the eye during a TV debate. He also didn’t shake their hands. One of the women said she felt “humiliated” and “worthless” afterwards, Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen reports. 

When the Islam party was created, one of its goals was to promote better integration of Belgium’s Muslim population. But, just after Ahrouch had been elected, he switched his position and recently said he wants to create an Islamic State in Belgium.

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4 Replies to “Islam party of Belgium interview”

  1. As he said, you put what you want in the Sharia bag.
    What is not said: Eventually, the bag is too small, they need a bigger bag.
    For the fragile, the handicapped, and vulnerable females and males (gays), they’ll agree with this.
    The guy is really clever.

    • Eventually they foul that bag, spill out for more, always more. They turn fertile crescents into desert wastelands.

      Slop over the border of Bangladesh to claim the most resource rich region of neighboring Myanmar. Belgium just whets the appetite.

      Wherever they squat, they own – by “divine” right.
      Aloha snackbar.

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