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11 Replies to “Excerpt of Israeli TV documentary on Muslim Brotherhood control of France”

    • O and his people reinflated all of the bubbles and deliberately started the idiotic lending practices that lead to the 08 crash. They are praying for another crash soon that they can blame on Trump.

  1. This video probably reveals a modus operandi replicated in many places. Curiously, I had the luck to spend some time in a local court room yesterday. For 40 minutes there was charge after charge brought up on Arabic cafes. (I think not Persian but could be wrong.) I don’t know what the issues were–perhaps nothing–but very conspicuous. And I had no idea there were so many such “cafes” here. Is there a story here? I don’t know. If there were one or two in violation of a minor by-law it would be no big deal. But so many, and most under numbered companies and with common legal representation, makes it more curious. In the context of expanding Halal, of cash-only businesses for the purpose of avoiding the legitimate tax burden, and possible money laundering, I wonder what was going through the mind of the judge overseeing the proceedings.


  2. that cop is a moron if he thinks that the stuff they do when the cop is in the mosque is the same as when he is not . they probably talk about killing him after he leaves. cop: you need to look up the word taqiyya.

    • When I was a teenager, there was fashionable graffiti everywhere that read:

      “The only time Churches enlighten us is when they are in flames”.

      Commie propaganda no doubt. But its funny how if you say something like that now about mosques, well it may be a criminal and jail-able offence. Even though from the perspective of the non-Muslim, its bloody true.

  3. The cop, he knows, he pretends not to know, because he knows when he says something that does not please muslims, he will get punished, loose his job, wants to stay on supporting his family and keep them safe. It is understandable.
    Bu Americans say something about Europe, the USA is as much lost as Europe, I was really horrified, but it was exactly as we knew it. With all their 2 sides talking, they came with really bad intentions and only taqiyya’s. And you think our governments did not know anything about that? Come on, and the citizens did not believe us and now it is to late. You should have done something before, we should have done something before, but you let them built their enormous mosques. I have never met such liars. But we got ourselves to blame and you let them into your governments, your councils and they are using you to the max. Now they have threatened us to sit among people in airplanes and in this year they will start to make attacks in every country. Nice people, they are laughing their heads of and I almost do too now. This is what your children and grandchildren will have to fight out, because you were so noble and received them with open arms. Where are you now?
    Praying on your karpet , asking their God to spare you and is your karpet in the middle of the streets to make chaos for traffic? I don’t believe anybody of Islam anymore, you blew it. What you want, Islam, is not going to happen !!!

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