Stunning full inversion of morality and even truth by the BBC

Check out this article from the BBC about the now, impossible to hide, resurgence of kinetic antisemitism in Europe.

Germany’s Jews urged not to wear kippahs after attacks

The leader of Germany’s Jewish community has advised Jews to avoid wearing traditional skullcaps (kippahs) following anti-Semitic attacks.


Josef Schuster, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told Berlin public radio that Jews should exercise caution in big cities.

His comments come ahead of a “Berlin Wears Kippah” solidarity march in the German capital on Wednesday.

Last week, two young men wearing kippahs were assaulted in the city.


The attacker was filmed shouting anti-Semitic abuse.

Jewish organisations in Germany have expressed alarm over a number of recent anti-Semitic insults and threats in schools.


At the weekend, Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned what she described as “another form of anti-Semitism”.

She told Israel’s Channel 10 TV network that aside from anti-Semitism by right-wing groups, similar threats were coming from some Muslim refugees in the country.

Ok so to everyone’s surprise, Angela Merkel admits that this problem may be coming from “some muslims”. It shouldn’t really be a surprise though, as Merkel has always sold huge lies with a spoonful of truth when needed. Think of Mary Poppins but made in hell.

The BBC of course, immediately sets out to undo any damage Merkel might have done with that modicum of truth however…

So the article continues on to link antisemitism with “xenophobia”:

“This is not only about anti-Semitism – it goes along with racism, it goes along with xenophobia. You need a clear stop sign here.”

Suddenly the article has gone from talking about a real problem with geopolitical consequences to using the problem to create more of the same problem. Brilliant in that sinister kind of Johnnie Cochran way.

And then the coup de grace…

Separately, the head of Germany’s Central Council of Muslims condemned recent anti-Semitic attacks.


“Anti-Semitism, racism and hatred are great sins in Islam, therefore we will also never tolerate that,” Aiman Mazyek told Germany’s Rheinische Post newspaper.

Yep. Islam isn’t the reason for the renewed attacks on Jews throughout the world by muslims. Its the solution to the problem.

At this stage one has to admire the BBC. The massive amount of loathing and contempt they have is well and truly earned.


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7 Replies to “Stunning full inversion of morality and even truth by the BBC”

    • I think 80% is high. But your point is valid, inasmuch as your point is that people who vote left deserve what they get, Jewish or not.

      The critical issue for me is, that there is nothing inherent in Jews or Judaism that makes it problematic but that there most definitely is for leftism and Islam as its literally doctrinal.

      For sure though, way too many Jews are leftists. But you also find a disproportionate number of Jews on the right-libertarian side as well. This site alone has a disproportionate number of people who are Jewish and patriots to the general population.

      I don’t want to do another whole essay on it. But at the end of the day, the Jews who are fighting against the Islamic and leftist attack on classical Civ are a pretty essential group of the fight back.

      Some of them are deeply religious. David Yerushalmi just for one. He is a one man army of justice for US constitutional rights.

      • Zionists from secular to orthodox Jews will support other patriots, balancing a love for Israel with that of their host nation, non-zionists jews on the other hand will turn on their host nation as quickly as they turned on Israel. There are exceptions in both camps, but it’s fairly general.

        am yisrael chai!

        When it comes to the majority of orthodox Jews, they take Genesis 12:3 pretty seriously, they are loving Trump right now and praying he is rewarded for blessing Israel as he has been seen to have done.

        Nowhere close to 80%, Jews on the right won’t be discussing who they voted for, it’s those loud mouthed traitors that like to be known for their treachery you’re paying too much attention to, ashamed of their own heritage.

  1. I posted part of this back in Readers’ Links:

    You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of some Jews. These shrinking caricatures embarrass me, they make me SICK.

    Fixed on technicalities of observance, he misses the point. It’s the crouching and whining that are guilty of chillul hashem – desacration of G-d’s name.


    We’re Joshua! King David! Maccabees! Haganah!
    Sayeret Matkal!

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