Angela Merkel’s new “Jewish problem”

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who I maintain is a Nazi by proxy, meaning that she intends to obliterate the Jewish people in Germany and Europe by importing people who will do it rather than don the uniform herself and have the honesty of her convictions, has provided another data point for this theory.

In an interview recently to Israeli TV, she “Admitted” that there is a “new” form of antisemitism in Germany which she refers to as “Arab”. 

So in order to not be seen as ‘racist against islam’, she, like the British press who refer to horrific crimes motivated by Islam as being of “Asian” origin rather than Muslim, has decided to be actually racist and say it is an “Arab” thing and not mention the roots of it, which is of course, koran and islam.

“The fact that no nursery, no school, no synagogue can be left without police protection dismays us,’ [Merkel] said.”

Perhaps Ms. Merkel can create some kind of secure camp for Jews to live in. For their own protection. Somewhere they have lots of work related activities for example.

For those who missed it, the interview or at least this segment of it stems from a video taken by an Israeli Arab, where he was attacked by what is said to be a Syrian muslim refugee in Berlin. We put that video on Youtube first, but Youtube took it down and gave us a community guidelines strike and then took away upload ability for 2 weeks while everyone else and their pet hamster has the exact same video on their own channels.

You can see it below:


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  1. Dear Abbey,

    I always thought the “secure camp for Jews” was Israel, and that there are probably a couple of billion people who’d like to annihilate it but at the same time say they’re not antisemitic in any way. Am I being naive?

    Confused in Des Moines

  2. I must say that she’s somehow true about the Arab thing without realising it . I’m not saying that antisemitism (let me temporarily agree that israelis of today are semites) isn’t a so islamic thing but before and during the rise of Hamas in the 80s and the rise of any Islamic terrorism ideologies first in the late 20s (the brotherhood) and the come back in the 70s, the jew-hatred was something more prevalent among the non islamists, the pan-Arabists the nationalists the leftists, the anarchists and still exists today, and if leftists was as rich via donations and powerful as Hamas and the Islamic Jihad (Palestinian group) they would do much more attacks on Israelis all over the world, most airplanes hijackers in the 70s 80s and Munich Olympic village attackers were Arab nationalis, .. the assassination of Rehavam Za’evi a tourism israeli minister in 2001 and other attacks none of which were done based on Islamic motives or applied used an Islamic ideology, Fateh and Aljabha Alsha3biyya the popular front were so secular than they are today and and yitzhak Rabin could bring them to the table, George Habash a Palestinian christian backed by Syrians was one good example too… you are also right about Koran and Islam but I had to say what I said because we – other middle eastern non palestinians- have always adviced the Palestinians that if they got to win any debate with israelis or if they got to sit down for peace talks they have to get rid of the islamic ideology as it will be used against them .

    • There are a lot of couched thoughts in your presentation, Athanasius. Please let me know if I understood you.

      You opened with the statement that Ashkenazi Jews are not semites but another ethnicity of people. Like say, if Black Hebrew Israelites took over Israel as their Homeland.

      This sets up your premis that the real semites, the Arabs, had been invaded by colonialists, and it was solely a pan-Arab Nationalism joining to expell them, and not any anitisemitism or anti-Jewish koranic doctrine in their passions.

      You further to Islam is a bad thing for everyone.

      My conclusion is that you are writing to Socialists, Useful Idiots, who would sympathize with the Identity Politics you expressed. For such an audience are singly minded in checking their privileges. They do not own a soul or a body. There is no Heaven and ‘property is theft.’ Only their feelings do they possess. Like baby if they cry they get fed. Virtue and Outrage are their Halal-Haram carrot and stick. The guides for blind beasts.

      Your presentation therefore, is for the kufar is to sympathise with the Palestinians over a secular war of oppressor and victim. Of ethnic cleansing by the imposter-Jews.

      And a lie that you hate Islam. For you only do so to advance the thin edge of the wedge.

      Ta-ta-ta Taqiyya!

      • Pakistan, created for a dominant religion rather than a persecuted one, had no Pan Anti-Muslim coalition to attack them from all sides.

        To dismiss Islam in the role of pushing all the Jews into the sea is what I meant as taqiyya.

      • I probably misunderstood him.

        I thought he was talking about the Soviet-dazzled Arabs. The ones who bought the “nationalism” bait from the Communist Internationale [!], like Nasser and Christian-Arab Jew-haters in Lebanon. The latter were/are Nazi-oid genocidal Jew-haters; the former, a confused mush of commie-tard. Brothers in Jew-hate.

        Christian-Arab Jew-hate antedates Mohammadism. You won’t find any more virulent than the Coptic Christians. They didn’t need any lessons from their conquerors. The Orthodox Church in the Middle East and Greece was the cradle of the blood libel.

        Simply put, non-Arab, Christian Copts don’t need Arab Muslims to teach them how to hate Jews…Their own faith has taught them to hate the G-d-killers for centuries before Islam’s Muhammad ever entered into the picture.

        Of course later, after they enthusiastically joined the Farhud [“pogrom”] and succeeded in driving the Jews out of the Ummah, they became the next target.

        The Jews in the Writings of Origin

  3. PS: Eeyore, thank you so much for stating the plain truth.

    For whatever reason, it (i.e., da trooth) seems to get lost along the way and, every-so-often, the lot of us need a nudge in the right direction (courtesy of yours truly).

    You, plus a very few other voices in the wilderness, keep the rest of us ignoramuses pointed in the right direction. For that I cannot thank you enough.


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