Interesting interview of Former head of British Armed Forces UK

There has to be six links leading to this video in the comments.

I do not think there is an innocent explanation for it, even though I have no solid personal opinion as to why the US formed a coalition to attack specific targets in Syria. I would need to know what the US military knows about those targets to have an idea of why they were attacked in any meaningful way.

But I do not believe this was was cut off for a reason of simple scheduling.

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  1. I REPEAT: Where is Assad? If you find him, alive and moving and he surely is alive, study his body language.

    They’re all saying SYRIA, but who is in charge of Syria?

    I do not believe Assad did the deed. I’ve said quite a few times, Assad is a hostage to more powerful partners.

    I think Russia did the chemical deed. Which brings us back always to economic interests.

    And that is why Trump offered the olive branch re USA as wanting to be friends with Russia while brandishing the economic leaves.

    TRUMP, in his speech, was talking to Russia.

      • I understand the theory about why Iran is next but am not sure it is valid. Unless Kim has sent nuclear warheads to Iran (which is possible) Kim is the more pressing threat. The theory that when faced with multiple enemies you take them out in ascending order of their threat so you are free to take on the major threat last. Doing things this way would make Kim the last we would hit because of the possibility that China will enter into the war on Kims side.

        There are problems with removing threats using the ascending order of threat method. 1) Our internal enemies are screaming bloody murder and are trying to use the iffy evidence justifying the attack as a reason to remove Trump. 2) Moving up the ladder of threats gives Kim and China more time to prepare, after a certain point (Bolton says a year I think it is probably a much shorter time) Kim will have enough time to mate nuclear weapons to missiles and use them on the US our our allies. That has to be taken into consideration.

        Yes Trump was talking as much to the Russian People as to Putin, the problem is how are the Russian People receiving the message. Are they seeing it as a sign we don’t want to fight them or are they seeing this as an insult that must be removed?

    • FORGOT: Very complex story for those unable to think out of the box.

      What’s coming up in one month? NoKo Kim Jung Un in Washington. Think…

      • Yeah, I am more concerned about what the Chinese are thinking, they have firm control of Kim and he won’t do anything they don’t want him to.

        • China no longer has firm control over Kim. All was decided in November when Kim’s underground nuclear facility was struck sending seismic aftershocks some 10 km into China.

          I think there were 200 killed, 300 injured, under the ‘mountain’. It would seem it was the Rods of God that penetrated the mountain. A very special USA weapon.

          As to China, it has no military power compared to the U.S.A although it does have loads of useless foot soldiers.

          China’s survival is all based on a top-to-bottom economy. China is not an innovator, it copies or steals technology. China’s plan was world dominance through the economy. And then… Trump showed up.

          The Russians are the ones that supply Iran with weaponry. And Russia surely is not sending its best and its best is certainly not comparable to American best.

          Just hang on, we have a very interesting few months ahead.

        • “I REPEAT: Where is Assad?”

          In an unmarked car travelling with Russian agents to an undisclosed location. I’m sorry I had not answered you. All I had to offer was a glimpse of the broader picture.

  2. So obvious.

    Look at what was hit. Hezbollah, Iranian forces(probably IRGC) – it was factories that Iran has been setting up. Last time the U.S. took out a missile factory. It is a distraction, the target was Iran which is like North Korea a deep state cabal-operated nation.

    I think Trump just outmanoeuvred the Clinton Cabal while appearing to work with them, but time will tell. In other parts of the internet there is talk of Syria being an important location to the Clinton cabal´s human trafficking operation.

  3. I would put the possibility of that interview being legitimately cut off at that exact moment by actual technical difficulties at about 5%. The man was stating what any intelligent person would be stating, that launching a chemical attack is the very last thing that Assad would do, and Assad is not a stupid or impulsive man. The problem is that a very large percentage of the voting public is in a race with itself to see whether their dominant characteristic is pig-ignorance or dumb-ass stupidity. It’s a tough call. The Quran clearly states that Allah hates Infidels and wants to kill us all, and yet the voting public is OK with letting millions in the door. Why is that? Ignorance or stupidity? They’re just so rich in both those qualities.

    Hell, there’s even a video of General Maddis admitting that they don’t really have proof that Assad did the last one, but they’re just pretending they do anyway. They really take us for fools, and I guess they’re correct to do so. The Republicans are beginning to master Hillary’s ability to stare right into the camera and sincerely lie straight from the heart…

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