Moral inversion and defiant leftism in the UK (& France)

A story from the UK.

A man was robbing a house. The house he was robbing belonged it seemed, to a decent fellow. An older one. The victim, to be clear as in these times of cultural Marxism that typically means anyone but the victim, managed to grab a knife and protect himself from the burglar. In the process, the attacker, meaning the man who illegally broke into a man’s house to take his stuff and who knows what else, died from the stab wounds.

People who have utterly lost the plot nearby, built a memorial to the dead burglar IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE HE WAS ROBBING.

Rational locals who found that to be an affront to all decency, took down the makeshift memorial and police told them they would be arrested if they did that again.

Hey presto, the moral inversion of the United Kingdom is complete.


Cops ‘threaten to arrest vigilantes for breach of the peace if they trash burglar shrine again’

POLICE are threatening to arrest vigilantes if they destroy the shrine to burglar Henry Vincent again, it has been claimed.


Floral tributes to the career criminal have been trashed four times in two days in a tit-for-tat row.

Vincent, 37, was stabbed to death by Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, in a botched burglary at the pensioner’s house on April 4.


Tensions have escalated since the family of the criminal defiantly built a shrine outside the OAP’s home in Hither Green, South East London.


Now cops who are standing guard next to the memorial are said to have told neighbours that anyone who hacks down the flowers again faces arrest for “breach of the peace”.

One of the vigilantes, known as Mike, told Sun Online: “You’d think the coppers would have better things to do.

I guess he means like protecting some of the hundreds of thousands of pre teen British girls being forced into profitless prostitution by muslim rape gangs, finding illegals and evicting them from the country, or stopping the massive wave of acid in the face or knife attacks by criminal black and south Asian gangs. But that would not be a moral inversion at all. Guarding flowers however, as a memorial to a scum bag that robbed old pensioners right in front of the home of one of his victims, that, if nothing else, is consistent with the new British ethos.

In the video, the man tearing down the flowers indicated that the man who was being robbed had to flee his own premises as the police could not protect him from the vigilantes who are friends of the attacker. yet the same police can guard the flower memorial?

And in France. Anomaly or pattern?

A trio of French soldiers on leave was arrested and face prosecution after they intervened to help a woman who was being robbed by a youth on the streets of Paris.

The soldiers, who were said to have been drinking at the time, came across a woman in distress as she was being robbed of her mobile phone in Paris’s Saint-Ambroise metro station early Sunday morning, Le Parisien reports.


The men, aged between 21 and 24, ran after the thief and caught up to him near the Boulevard Voltaire in the 11th arrondissement and confronted him. A source close to the investigation said the men attempted to retrieve the woman’s property but were met with resistance from the young man and a fight ensued.


While in custody, one of the soldiers is said to have remarked: “If we have to be in custody, next time, we will not intervene to defend a victim.”


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7 Replies to “Moral inversion and defiant leftism in the UK (& France)”

  1. Political correctness decided the future of previously democratic commonsense laws and brotherly behaviour. We are now faced with cognitive dissonance from every quarter where this philosophy has been adopted and entrenched.
    Freedom of speech is the first victim, followed by all kinds of censorship and laws curtailing our ability to speak up about this stupid, unjust state of affairs.
    It is not surprising that we are where we are, just connect the dots to see how we got here and to project how miserable our slavish future will be.

  2. A memorial for a burglar who’s lost his life in a “work” related accident ?!? Tough shit asshole , wrong line of work , should’ve chosen the job in the office instead . Sounds almost too nuts to be true though . But if so , people ( and the cops ) must have have taken complete leave of their senses .

  3. Things like this happened all the time int he Soviet Union, the violent criminal can be tolerated because there are percentage wise few of them while citizens fighting back can’t be tolerated because they might get the idea they can fight the government.

    • During communism in Romania, there was not a big deal to kill the one violating your house. It was called self defense. After the communism was down, at the begging of 1990’s, there was clear message from the west that romanians are racists and the gypsies must be protected. If I do remember, in 1995 a village was terrorized by gypsies from a “ad-hoc” village build near. In one night, when the racists romanians got enough, they just burned the gypsy village and killed or beat really well the gypsies. With this occasion, they did recuperated some of the animals (pigs, horses, cows) stolen by the protected minority. From that moment, the west labeled Romania as a savage country.

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