Here is an experiment we should all do at home.

Those of you who do it, please report your results.

You can buy dummies that plug into the Mic jack and short, so that no mic is active when its in. I bought a decent mic for doing interviews and it has a mute switch and for sure the built in mic does not work when I have that on.

But there has to be a better way. Software maybe that turns off your mic?



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    • I have both. But what do I disable to disconnect the mic from anything other than what I want it for? Its not for beginners.

      I did manage to make sure it wouldn’t reach apple. Sometimes I hit the Siri button just to watch it do the Cylon processing thing and then have it say: “Im having some trouble with the connection. Please try again in a moment”.

      That feels good knowing I have thwarted Apple. But how to do the same for this sort of thing?

  1. I would like to see that experiment duplicated by someone else just in case he searched for “dog toys” and didn’t tell us about it.

  2. google has given upp on my searches lmfao install chrome then install adnauseum and install trackmenot addons .
    it auto generate searches and auto clicks the advertisements on the pages wich leads to google losing advertisers because they get clicked by a bot and they wont pay google for that .
    example : Since Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 7:45 PM, clicked 16622 of the 16876 ads collected (300 showing)?, total estimated cost = $26262.76? Export Import Clear
    And that my friends is how you obfuscate your searches and screw google over .
    Site for downloading the addons and instructions

  3. Good for him
    Great disclosure
    I’ve noticed this for some time now
    Time to regulate the billionaire tech companies

  4. On windows, go to control panel – hardware & sound – sound – manage audio devices – recording tab – click on default microphone and click properties – device usage – don’t use this device.

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