Italy arrests 8 Moroccans for starting a riot to rob the locals

A number of Moroccans have been arrested in Italy for deliberately starting a riot in a crowded area full of soccer fans using pepper spray, in order to rob the locals during the panic, which injured several people.

Article at ANSA:

(ANSA) – Turin, April 13 – Turin police on Friday staged an operation to arrest eight people suspected of causing the panic that led to a deadly stampede among people watching the Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid that killed one woman and injured 1,500 in a Turin square last June, sources said. The arrested people are suspected of trying to commit robberies by using pepper spray, thus causing the panic that swept through the northern city’s Piazza San Carlo square as fans watched the match on a big screen, the sources said.


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2 Replies to “Italy arrests 8 Moroccans for starting a riot to rob the locals”

  1. So Trump is attacking Syria. I give up. There is no Goddamn hope. Hasn’t Syria suffered enough?

    Once they get into power something happens to Western leaders’ brains and they start turning into mind-controlled zombies. Maybe it’s that alien “overmind” parasite that they inject into their brainstem the minute they get sworn in.

    They keep saying they have proof that Assad did it but never saying what that proof is, which is absolute proof that they do not have any proof. I am seriously losing any conviction I had that we are the good guys. This is Mussolini invading Ethiopia. This is Adolf Hitler invading Poland. This is extremely bad and extremely wrong and if they kill a lot of Russians it could lead to real war, not this one-sided bullshit…

  2. Italy arrests 8 Moroccans for starting a riot to rob the locals

    Coming up next … insane beat-downs of “immigrants” that just won’t stop until these “rapefugees” finally purchase a damned clue. Until then … ALL BETS ARE OFF.

    Did I mention the bloodletting? It’s coming and going to be none too fun.

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