Testimony on the nature of the attack alleged to be by chemical WMDs in the Syrian town of Douma

This may or may not be enemy propaganda, from whoever exactly the enemy is from that perspective, or it may be a genuine account. But its always smart to see the propaganda as well even if thats what it is.

Article from Sputnik

And as an added bonus:

Rebel group accusing Assad of gas attack ‘USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS’ against Kurds

THE REBEL group which is in control of the Douma region in Syria, the site of an alleged chemical attack which has been blamed on the Assad regime, was itself accused of using forbidden weapons on Kurds in 2016.


Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) was formerly known as Liwa al-Islam (Brigade of Islam) and is a coalition of Salafist Islamist militant groups based in the Douma and Eastern Ghouta regions of the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Douma was the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack where up to 43 people were killed and it has been blamed on the Syrian regime.


But according to reports from news outlet Kurdistan 24, the group admitted it used chemical weapons in a mainly Kurdish populated area in the city of Aleppo, northern Syria in April 2016.


In an official statement, Jaish al-Islam said: “One of the field commanders in Aleppo used weapons that he was not authorised to use in these kinds of confrontations.”

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2 Replies to “Testimony on the nature of the attack alleged to be by chemical WMDs in the Syrian town of Douma”

    • You can forget about that. Westerners have always been too full of Christian honor to be really comfortable with covert warfare – “A gentleman doesn’t read another gentleman’s mail”. But the Holy Quran explicitly states that Allah is the universal champion of all deceivers and gives the Believers full permission to lie their heads off when dealing with the hated Infidels. But the point is that we don’t know the truth and yet the Trump administration keeps being confident about Assad’s guilt while being very secretive about the so-called “proof” that they say they have. To quote Vladimir Putin, “If you don’t have proof that you can show right now, then you don’t have proof.”.

      For all, we know Trump, Assad, Putin, and the Chinese cooked this whole thing up as a way to scare Kim into taking a hike. If only that could be true. But if it were, the North Korea situation is extremely dangerous as well as agony for the people who live there, so getting that fat bastard into his villa in China is a very worthwhile goal and would be worth taking extreme measures over…

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