Drone footage of Auschwitz

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past”.

In a recent conversation with a friend the insight came up that the extent to which communist/socialist horrors are being expunged and redacted from any public record is staggering. Stephen Harper, the right leader for a Canada not yet ready for that degree of wake-up call, had proposed a monument to the victims of communism. Anyone having read the Gulag Archipelago, or even listening to a friend who’s family is from behind the iron curtain would know its an idea way past due and urgently needed.

The Trudeau government using its usual eel like incremental deceptions, managed to flush the idea both from its legislated location, and eventually so that it would not be built at all.

Why is that I wonder?

ANd in that spirit, the spirit of massively reawakened antisemitism coupled with Holocaust denial, coupled with Holocaust 2.0, Islamic removal of Jews from Europe, then everywhere, I felt it was a good idea to post this:

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  1. I remember as a teenager reading the stories about the death camps and seeing the photos of the piles of bodies that were laying round when the camps were liberated. I remember of shocked I was at the idea that the camp inmates had been started so long the soldiers had to be prevented from giving them much food because that much food might kill the bodies use to next to nothing.

    I had relitives who liberated on camp and they refused to talk about it saying they had enough nightmares without bringing old ones out once again.

    • Records of people with personal memories of socialist attrocities, be it Nazi or Soviet or Maoist, need to be made. These people must be encouraged to talk.

      I went through the excellent series, Band of Brothers, for the 3rd time in the past week. It was a good re-grounding on the subject in some ways, although it barely dealt with the ideological motivations for the Nazis whatsoever.

      But if you can video record any memoirs of people you know, it would be good.

      I am considering starting a library of videos of people who remember life behind the Iron Curtain before that generation passes away.

      Its a project I think that would be my act of defiance for cancelling Stephen Harper’s monument to the victims of communism.

        • There are a few memoirs of US veterans who ended up liberating camps. I’m sorry but I’m not in the position to suggest titles to you anymore, but I remember seeing and browsing many. A good US librarian or bookseller can probably help a lot, or West Point or VMI, or Quantico perhaps.
          I do remember that there were rumours of many incidents where SS-Totenkopf personnel that were caught near certain camps were executed out of hand by shocked GIs.
          The biggest (I forget which) was at a newly liberated camp where the SS barracks and the non-camp War Hospital were emptied, and the combined SS guards and wounded combat Waffen-SS were lined up and machine-gunned with a Browning. About 60-80 from memory. The CO was removed, and a coverup enabled.

          You can understand the emotions.

          Hope that is some help.

          • Things like that occur, the commander was removed because he lost control not becaue he killed the guards.

            Things like this happened more then most people think and in some cases it was sanctioned by the Geneva Convention. Whe SS General Piper murdered the US captives during the battle of the bulge and Patton retaliated the retaliation was covered by the Geneva convention. Piper wasn’t tried for the murders because of the retaliation, there was an argument that that was sufficient punishment for the crimes.

      • The brother series to “Band of Brothers”, The Pacific”, has at least three top-notch episodes. Personally, I rate these three higher than “Band of Brothers” as a series.

        The action starts with the outnumbered 1st Marine Division under the leadership of the legendary LtCol “Chesty” Puller are hastily deployed to protect Henderson Field, their newly captured airfield on Guadalcanal against the expected aggressive counter-attack by the Japanese. One episode, very good, shows Sgt Basilone winning his Medal of Honor by his Browning-armed machine-gun squad holding their jungle position on a hill that commanded the airfield, for three days. From memory, he is basically the lone effective, unwounded soldier of his squad after they have fended off multiple banzai attacks, sometimes at close-quarters. It was a good episode, and well done based on the war history and other accounts.

        However, the following episode shows the other side of the airfield defences where the Marines’ perimeter is hastily contracted after a friendly force on patrol is annihilated by quickly advancing Japanese forces. The Japanese proceed to order an immediate nighttime assault/banzai attacks, planning/hoping to overrun the Marine positions with numbers and better elan. The crux is where the massed banzai charges meet the hastily emplaced Browning HMGs and 60mm mortars at the infamous Alligator Creek, and associated beach. A very close depiction of the official history and veteran’s autobiographies.

        But the two episodes that feature Corporal EB Sledge, a Marine mortarman are superlative. He wrote the memoir “With the Old Breed: At Pelieu and Okinawa”.
        In my opinion, this book is probably the best on a US Marine’s World War Two experiences in the Pacific. Intelligent, well-written, brutally honest, passionate. They really did draw the shortest of straws, and the TV series is faithful to the book and the official history. (That said, many other infantry veterans on both sides in the Pacific had appalling experiences).
        I have had many in-depth conversations with surviving allied WW2 soldiers about their war years, as well as later 20th Century war veterans. To me, the two combat episodes on Peleiu and Okinawa are extremely good for a TV series. These three episodes stand out from the rest and highly correlate with much of these veteran experiences and histories. They are a good depiction of low level infantry combat through the eyes of a highly intelligent soldier and his friends, and their growing distress at not being properly relieved for months, being attrited away through heavy casualties, and the brutality forced upon them by the reluctance of Japanese soldiers to surrender even in a hopeless combat situation. The combat situations look as I had imagined on reading the book, and sound quite accurate to this ex-grunt.

        • That is a war book I missed, I will have to see if I can find a copy.

          The reason they weren’t relieved is that almost all of the men and equipment was gojng to Europe, very little was making it to the Pacific and they were fighting the war on a shoe string budget with very limited resources. This wasn’t made known to the troops and is one of the reasons they grew to hate MacArthur.

          What scares me is the way the left wants to replay WWII with us going into the war with a limited military and way too many enemies. If my worst fears come true remember what you wrote and the way we had to make a choice on which side of the world would take priority. We may have to do the same thing later this year.

        • If Hitler hadn’t declared war on the US it is unlikely we would have sent many people to fight in Europe, after all they hadn’t done anything to use while Japan had. I doubt if anyone on any side will remember that.

      • I have a good personal friend in China, and he refuses point-blank to believe in the Western coverage of Tianmen Square 1989 or Mao’s responsibility for the starvation of 40-60 million Chinese peasants during his drive to industrialise the country. And he is highly educated, open-minded, curious, and intelligent.

        • This reaction is why propaganda is so hard to remove from history,, it will take decades of work to bring the facts of history to the Chinese schools.

    • ‘Senator Ryan has served the Democrats well for many years, and plans to step down and write his memoirs from prison.’

      How it should read, fixed it for you, Charles. Thank me later.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      I have no evidence (yet) but my intuition (good record) but I am willing to bet that like a lot of these recent, sudden resignations from both houses, they were presented with a choice between two “bad” outcomes.

  2. Eighty mins to consume a body@1600/c by modern standards,leaving 8 pounds of bone for a man/6 pounds of bone for a woman.why would anyone make discussion of this subject illegal,if it were true?

  3. The question of whether the murder of the Jews took place to the extent claimed is now largely a punishable offence in Europe. Even the question of whether labour camps were extermination camps.

    Why the Allies, who had known about this for years, e.g. through aerial photographs, did not act, but rather bombed the supply routes and camps themselves, remains an open mystery.

    How many camp inmates died due to lack of care, malnutrition, illness and infection also remains in the dark. Why Yad Vashem was already planned before the Holocaust, too

    I believe that all war criminals should be held accountable, regardless of their origin. There is no just war, because in wars mostly innocent people become victims.

    Why are the bombers of German cities, who destroyed invaluable cultural assets in addition to thousands of lives, still considered “heroes” today? Why nuclear bombs on Japan to prove oneself as “humanists”? Why were all the intellectual perpetrators of Hitler’s insanity lured to America (Operation Paperclip)?


    It was known, for example, that thousands of refugees from the eastern regions were in Dresden. Real refugees, women, old people and children. Not 30 years old Arabs, Africans and Afghans in Nike shoes with iPhone, who present themselves as “minors” and rape and murder our children and women.

  4. Yesterday I watched a program about obe of Hitler’s financial “experts” who had a successful business after war life in South America with millions (mostly stolen by Jews) of dollars, his grandson did not know until today about the background.

    He also made large building and trading projects there possible for the German industry. The principle is clear: the supposedly “nationalist” criminals escape while their own civilian population is drowning in hunger and bombs.



  5. This program is an attack on common sense. Especially against the human rights activist Vera Lengsfeld, who learned to distinguish between arrogance and lawlessness in the communist Stasi system, and can no longer be taken for an idiot.


    But it gets even more bizarr in the program starting at minute 25: The writer Jacob Hein (grandfather was the Jewish physicist Johannes Figulla) has written a book about the fact that the “Germans have invented the jihad. Germans mean Max von Oppenheim and Edgar Stern-Rubarth.

      • The point is that madness has reversed and now all Germans are responsible for the evil of the world. That’s the way the “cultural industry” sees it. I’ve never known either Mr von Oppenheim or Mr Edgar Stern-Rubarth. Nor can I judge what this “grotesque” is for. I also don’t know what the “performances” and “statements” of Jewish intellectuals like Yascha Mounk or Shahak Shapira are supposed to do.

      • Hard to say what selfdeclared Jewish comedians like Oliver Polak, satirists like Wladimir Kaminer, poets like Robert Schindel, or politicians like Marina Weisband intend to contribute to “saving European culture” today?

        • For me they are by no means “main culprits”. But at most “keyword givers”, whereupon the stupid sheep plunge themselves voluntarily into the depths like lemmings.

        • I dont know who those people are, but I would guess your trick is to find individual examples of the millions of Jewish people in the world who are Marxists and apply that to the taxonomy that is Jewish people. So my answer to your question would be exactly the same thing as the French and German philosophers who were anything but Jewish and some of them even Hermetics, who intended to destroy classical thought while millions of Jewish people were contributing to it. Should I list Jewish Nobel prize winners? I mean real ones, not the peace ones or Swedish ones.

          How about the millions of Jews who have contributed to the sciences and medicine in ways that save and prolong millions of non-Jewish lives?

          Then shall I list how ANTIFA and other communist organizations are nearly entirely staffed by WHITE NON-JEWISH MALES? Even though a bunch of them pretend to be women?

          I start to think maybe you are running the intellectual slight of hand I see from other National Socialists.

          I dont like socialists of any kind. The Nazi ones are among the worst, second only to the International ones and then the Islamic ones before them as in esense its a collectivist creed like the others.

          If that is what you are doing, introducing data points to lead to antisemitism based on bad math, your time here is limited. I have run into Nazi propagandists before.

          This is not a platform for that. There are lots that are. Try Storm Front. Im sure you can play in that sandbox with less opposition and indifference.

          • Perhaps the question would be how many millions of Africans not only survived because of European inventions (especially in the medical field), but produced ten children. Why you declare me a “Nazi” and refer me to Anglo-American excesses like “Stormfront”, I don’t know. In any case, you seem to be more proficient in the German language than other English speakers.

            • They linked the Nazi video to my new entry. Although I did link it to the Jewish Nobel Prize winner Oppenheimer. Who, of course, was completely innocent, like his friend Edward Teller.

              • My issue is the subtle posting of materials in an antisemitic context which does not represent either Jewish doctrine, I mean real doctrine, not the faked or out of context stuff in the Talmud that 1 in 500 Jews ever hear of in the first place, or racial materials that are intended to present a false image.

                Are there cultural and genetic components to Jews which can be truthfully criticized? Certainly yes.

                But I would argue that as problems go its small.

                Currently, antisemitism tries to blame the spread of Islam into the West as a Jewish created problem.

                This is a problem for mostly the Jewish people, as they are being forced out of Europe in record numbers since 45.

                So if they did do this, it wasn’t very clever of them, as they are the first casualties, and I would wager that none of them benefited in any way, least of all the ways that antisemites present for Jewish motives.

                Lastly I don’t speak German. At the end of every video I do, there is the name of the translator. The ones who do the German videos speak German. I do the subtitling.

    • The only question about Nuremberg rallies is “all-too-human”: Did thousands of pure Ubermenschen shit and piss in their own pants on that day? After all, they had to stand in line for hours as a “perfect people”! One can only guess.

  6. @ Vlad Tepes

    Yesterday I read a review by the Jewish Kurt Tucholsky about Grimm’s “People Without Space” from 1928 under the title “Grimm’s Fairy Tale”.


    That would be all right, but it is also about German colonies, all of which were lost after the “Versailles Treaty”.

    Tucholsky does not say a word about the brutal murders of German farmers. He just asks if Boers and English are better than Germans? No! And claims “We don’t need colonies!”

    The German company Pidax publishes digitally restored series. Strangely enough, they were the only ones to restore the series “Omaruru” only up to episode 13 – as all German “colonialists” (already in episode 13) fall victim to the Africans.


    First episode

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