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One Reply to “Data points for Canada’s slide into communist totalitarianism, this time in Calgary Alberta”

  1. Excellent interview! I can’t say how heartening it is to listen to this good man.

    The erosion of freedom at the hands of cowardly postmodern weasels is accomplished incrementally. This pastor laments the complacency of Canadians and wonders how they can be so blasè. The fact is very few native Canadians have known the hardships of communism. They’ve not experienced the tactics of character assassination practiced by these creeps–where blatant lies are told to discredit, shame, and ostracize you. They’ve not known the fear of secret police. They’ve not known what it is like to dread being stopped for a simple traffic ticket just because it puts you in contact with authority. My father didn’t return home for 20 years after he fled. For years he had nightmares of being hauled away. Westerners don’t know what it’s like when family and friends turn on them to score points for the party. (Though I do believe virtue signaling is a modern precursor to a coming equivalent.) No monument against communism will be erected so long as there are communists in power to resist. This is the sad and sick truth of Canada. Am I exaggerating? Yes? Then where is the monument Harper tried to erect?

    In many ways our neoMarxists are smarter than we are. Language for them is a blood sport and they are champions. Notice how word usage changes so subtly? Just this afternoon I was listening to a radio show as I drove to pick up my kid from school. The guest on the show was an expatriate African-American woman. On and on she droned with nary a hackle raised by host Evan Solomon. He knows where his bread is buttered. Let her go, he thought, and so she did. White supremacy. White privilege. White blindness to privilege, he wondered aloud…a fish doesn’t know it’s in water, he offers.

    He didn’t try to throw up a single serious road block to her moronic postmodern monotone. Bring on a conservative guest, however, and watch the feathers fly. The same thing happened when he had on an NDP (socialist) economist. Not an iota of resistance no matter the depth of “debt is money” depravity. This is Canada. All is well. Just keep your cake hole shut. We are Sweden just shy of the Muslim population density, and Potato Boy is fixing this lickity-split. Finally Evan Solomon starts to offer something meaningful. Paraphrasing he says, “Why are you using the term White Supremist? I thought this was an expression reserved for the likes of the KKK. Now you’re using it more loosely…”

    Again I’m going by memory so paraphrasing, but he was on to something. And I believe he truly doesn’t understand, because if he did he wouldn’t be working for the commie CBC. This woman, who claimed to be a doctor of some sordid sort, had extended the expression “white supremacist” so that it enveloped broader cultural real estate. Sort of like the way the word “fascist” is thrown around these days. He had her, then he let her go. Pretty much all white people are privileged white supremacists, she said. He simply showed he works for the paycheque.

    This was another PoMo nibble at the language chocolate cake. Broaden the meaning of White Supremacist and it will become your meaning. It is an almost unstoppable tactic. For this to have been reversed on this radio show today, Evan Solomon would have had to impolitely shut down this automaton by saying, “Hey, I’m offended by what you’ve said and you’re dead wrong. You’re a Post modern neoMarxist who is hostile to western civilization, you’re manipulating the language we use, and kindly fuck right off.” –Didn’t happen.

    This is where I wake up from my dream. I pick up my 15-year old from school and he tells me about geography class. He loves geography. He can rattle off every country in the world in a song.

    “They’re teaching us Globalism, dad.”

    “You mean George Soros, Open Borders–one world nonsense?”

    “Yup. And Sustainable Development.”

    Sustainable Development. This is where you save the planet by strangling to death common sense.

    “And I won’t talk politics at school anymore, dad. I’m done with that.”

    Now I’m thinking he’s the wise one. They’re clever, these PoMos. Nibbling at the edges like little mice. Go for the children. No easier pickens than young minds.

    Then my 13-year old was forced to attend an unscheduled assembly about gender fluidity yesterday. No prior notice to parents. Just institutionally-induced sexual identity confusion. Glorified grooming. Our new Marxists nibbling again at the edges.

    And today I got an email from the school about how to parent in times of tragedy. This is now innocuously termed Co-Parenting. The article posted here on VTB about how they start three-year-olds in school in France is about this. I’ve determined that the speed of PoMo advancement is deftly orchestrated according to how well trial balloons are received. It is always two steps forward, one step back. When the Ontario government tried to advance their new sex-ed deviant grooming curriculum a few years ago people screamed bloody murder. The government backed off but you knew they’d return with it. And they did. These people are so determinedly destructive it blows the mind.

    Nibbling at the edges. And when all of these all nice people get hip to the jive it’s way too late.


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