French education reforms. Is it a commie plot?

This post is for readers of this site who are familiar with the Postmodern agenda. As a stand alone for the blue pilled, this may or may not appear concerning at all.

But for those who listen to Dr, Peterson, or Stephen Coughlin etc. or read this site and understand the desire for the far left, who are demonstrably in control of supranational organizations like the EU and UN., we may see in this a puzzle piece that fits the central idea of classical Marxism that people should view children the way ants view offspring, and feel more kinship with unknown fellow workers than with their own offspring. The very reason, according to Stephen Pinker in The Blank Slate, that Israeli Kibbutzim failed as a project. Parents actually wanted to raise their own kids.

But this doesn’t stop the left from trying to force this on us all. In Canada its more subtle but quite advanced. The notion of “co-parenting” with the state and schools is common and the state views parents as people responsible for the maintenance and costs of their offspring, but also responsible for the adherence to, and amplification of, state Marxist indoctrination in all things.

You all can decide for yourselves if these two clips from French news represent an advancement of this project or if its a random data point of which I am badly skewing the context.

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  1. Don’t forget the Nordic countries in this regard, or Scotland, where the last “Minister for Children and Young People” became known as Aileen “Also” Campbell after she reassured people worried about Scotland’s Named Person plan (appointing a state guardian for everyone from conception to 18, or, if they have ever spent a day of their lives in state care, to 26!) that “of course, parents _also_ have a role in bringing up their children”. Named Person literature circulated by Scottish local authorities urges children to think of their Named Person as “Head Gardener” of their lives. The UK Supreme Court has already ruled this Scottish state co-parenting scheme unlawful but it continues apace anyway.

  2. There is no point in educating kids before the age of seven. Our economy demands both parents work, is this progress, hardly! The kids have to be farmed out to be socialized, by strangers. While the people they should learn from are struggling to pay the mortgage, feed and house the family.

  3. Is anyone having trouble playing YouTube videos on this site? I haven’t been able to play any on my PC now since yesterday. The phone seems to work. It just displays a message saying something like I’m not approved to view it. I want to know if it is my glitch or has VT been screwed with by YT.

  4. Yesterday my 13-year old tells me of an unexpected assembly they had in school. Two people were brought in to talk to the children about sexual identity. One was a man posing as a woman, the other a woman posing as a woman (yes). No prior parental notification sent out. Is this institutional sex-grooming?

    • A few years ago, I saw a play where a man in his twenties was dancing a ballet duet with his younger self. A duet usually danced together by a male and female dancer. The music for the play was by a well known homosexual activist. The cast got a standing ovation at the end.
      I thought then ,we are being softened up to accept man-boy relationships.
      Last year a film came out showing “the sexual awakening” of a young boy in a relationship with an older man. Beautifully filmed in Italy, with attractive characters, so I’m told.
      This is how it is done.

  5. UK 2009 Guardian Newspaper article:
    “A government-backed review recommended last year that children start school at four instead of five because of concerns that summer-born babies get fewer terms of schooling and their achievement suffers permanently as a result. Many local authorities already take children at four.

    Today’s research, conducted by Cambridge Assessment, Cambridge University’s exam board, suggests that the move may do more harm than good by distressing four-year olds and putting them off school permanently.”

    Karen1 wrote in the comments section:

    “It tends to be the boys who are slower to mature and they are easily turned off learning. Basically, boys don’t like sitting still!”

    The crushed limbic-system:
    Communism is a rage against women. It make them all exactly equal to men. Femininity is bourgeois. To not share their bodies is Capitalist because it claims the right to private ownership. Marriage is oppression. No man will protect her if she is beaten in the street. She has no natural light to guide her.

    Islam is a rage against men. Men have no right to independent thought. Marriage is only to have concubines. No woman will awaken him. His kids can be blown up for Islam, and he will be glad. He has no soul but only expresses agitated chatter.

    The reptilian brain:
    Creating descended testicle from femaled-males. The darkened Feminists from Communism, gain the only sense life remain in them, to play God, (in their salaried jobs in Health and Education), and corrupt with a double-hand his Nature and Nurture to make him in her own image.

    Likewise from Islam, their sexual penetration of little girls. The darkened Muhammadans with their female genital mutilation and denial of any education, corrupt with a double-hand her Nature and Nurture. To be her Allah, and she his heavenly slave-whore.

    Weak before the strong, strong before the three year old.

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