Ted Cruz asks some honest questions to less honest Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg

A couple of quick items that may suggest Mr. Zuckerberg is not being at all honest:

Here is Mr. Zuckerberg’s OWN FACEBOOK POST showing his intentions to make the platform a left-biased agent of change:

Added April 11:

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8 Replies to “Ted Cruz asks some honest questions to less honest Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg”

  1. Noticable that Cruz is different in the Prosecutor position
    than without transferred Chief Prosecutor legitimation.

    After all, it clearly shows that democratic rules and
    institutions are necessary to limit and question power.

    If such juries as the “UN” only consist of Sharia repre-
    sentatives, the rest know what has struck the hour.

    • Unfortunately I shorted FaceHugger much too early last year and lost money on it. 🙁

      Might be time for another punt. 🙂

      Goodbye Zuckerburglar, enjoy prison with your handlers.

      Heard the wife comes from the Organ business.

  2. From memory, one of the annual FaceHugger reports (2016 maybe), they reported a such a high growth in new users within the US, that FB ended up having substantially more US users than the actual US population. And that was in the AR.
    I think that the inimitable Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker.org was the genius who broke that legendary but real story. I don’t think it ever got traction in the mainstream media. (I wonder why?).

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