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6 Replies to “Family reunification in France”

    • That Washington Post article Nigel, was written by By Souad Mekhennet and Michael Birnbaum

      Souad Mekhennet wrote a book “I Was Told to Come Alone: My Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad.”

      An Amazon review:
      “Though she is profoundly opposed to Jihadist murders and aims, Mekhennet writes with a sensitive German-Muslim insider’s feeling for what it is like to be an unwanted and alienated immigrant. She is further conflicted because her father is a Turkish Sunni and her mother a Moroccan Shia – and because she is a woman working in the male-dominated world of Western journalism, writing about Jihadist men who believe they are carrying out God’s will.”

      “About halfway through the book she writes: ‘I began to be deeply worried that the way I was trying to do my job – not taking any side but speaking to all sides and challenging them all whenever I could – was becoming untenable for someone with my background. Could this kind of impartial journalism about jihadists and the War on Terror be safely practised in the West only by someone whose parents were born and raised there, rather than someone whose Muslim descent made her an object of special interest and suspicion? … These … dark thoughts … made me question the foundations and ultimate success of the West’s supposed openness to outsiders and its commitment to freedom of speech and thought.’”

      “She writes from a strong humanist and deeply practical viewpoint: ‘The world is not facing a clash of civilisation or cultures, but a clash between those who want to build bridges and those who would rather see the world in polarities.’ Her idealism is based on responding to the people caught in the middle: ‘If I’ve learned anything, it’s this: a mother’s screams over the body of her murdered child sound the same, no matter if she is black, brown or white; Muslim, Jewish, or Christian; Shia or Sunni.’”

      “A mother’s screams.” A society that protects her forever. Allah or Communism. Fatherland or Motherland dictatorships.

      Life as a dhimmi or as a proletariat. “Yes boss” for every new fatwa or “yes Comrade” for every new press release. Muslim or Socialist. Submission or surrender. Closed Society or Open Society. National Socialism or International Socialism.

      “Building bridges.”

      The Third Way, of course. The children of the bastard-bitch, sunni-shia relationships. The homing salmon fixing the hell they were born into. Socialist-Socialist.

      Pretending a free market economy. Pretending a religion. Pretending an identity.

      The damning of the souls:
      Submission, surrender, and reinventing yourself to be not you.

      See it. say it. Shorted.

      • The damning of the souls:
        Submission, surrender, and reinventing yourself to be not you.

        The open doors to hell.

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