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8 Replies to “Nigerian Embassy in Italy appears to be selling out it’s host country for 50 Euros a crook”

  1. How surprising that the creators of the Nigerian email scam have decided to move closer to their targets. Add to this the shortage in Nigeria of local albinos for their err “multicultural” ceremonies and you can see why moving to a country full of potential edibles would appeal. Of course, IIRC , the current Nigerian president is muslim and this all, no doubt, has his blessing. The crux here is the fact that in Italy, the mafia/cosa nostra/camorra all are apparently terrified of and being replaced by the black mafia while Italian organized crime investigators are handicapped by that ubiquitous leftism: “racism” and like ALL police in Europe cannot and are not allowed , to do their job. Gotta love how the Left can unravel even the most sound concepts with their idealistic stupidity.

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