Evidence of a Trudopian, Islamo-Postmodern agenda in new bill, C-75

Here is a video a fellow heretofore unknown to me, made about a new ‘Liberal’ bill called C-75.

The claims in the video are simply outrageous and cannot be as he stated them to be.

Until you read the bill yourself.

Then they are.

Any lawyers out there? Hopefully someone out there can assure us that this man’s view of the bill is some paranoid ‘right-wing’ fantasy and not, well exactly what it says on the bill where everything sensible about polygamy, child marriage and terrorism is being replaced with celebrations of same.

Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Bill Warner.


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  1. This tweet from Peter Sweden:

    3h3 hours ago
    Court cases from Sweden the last few days.

    19yr old man raped 9yr old child TWICE.
    Sentence: 80 hours community service.

    28yr old man abducted and attempted to rape 8yr old girl.
    Sentence: Was FREED by the court.

    Am I going insane or is the Swedish courts a joke at this point?

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