A bit of German State TV propaganda

This, ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’, CBC’s postmodern anti-Western Islamophelic propaganda but dialled up to 11.

This one makes the Germans look really irrationally evil, while showing the Muslims as more German than German as they adopt a German baby girl and raise her. Of course the fact that adoption is illegal in Islam is ignored for the propaganda effort.

The translator describes it this way:

After the death of her mother, a little German girl lands in a loving, moderate, modern Muslim family, who are better integrated than any German themselves, but her bigoted, islamophobic, prejudiced grandparents try to snatch her from the loving arms of her new found foster-parents.

Thank you Egri Nok for this one.

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  1. I fail to see why anyone is surprised by this stomach-churning video. After all, Merkel was a STASI agent and it is precisely this sort of unmitigated rubbish that they churned out for decades.

    Until Germany rids itself of Merkel, I cannot bring myself to shed any more tears over this travesty of Western Culture. Either people bring their politicians to heel or voters will end up wearing the leash instead.

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