Gaza, and the. continued degradation of the west by islam

1. Gazans show their contempt for the very air we all breath in their continued assault on the en’tire’ment at the Israeli border

It isnt just a war on the air. Its also a kinetic attack on Israelis.

2. Top 10 at The Rebel.Media

3. A worthy contrast showing the difference between Trudeau’s reaction to a hoax by muslims and an actual assault on Catholic Churches on Easter.

4. Muslims: Settlement will prevent ‘illegal’ NYPD surveillance

New York City has reached a settlement giving Muslims a say in police training and policies, and the city agreed to pay mosques and businesses who said they were illegally targeted for surveillance because of their religion, Muslim groups said Thursday.


The groups said they’ve been targeted for years following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack, and they hope this settlement sends a message to the Trump administration to be careful about its own plans, such as the president’s travel ban.


The Muslim groups said roughly 20 mosques, two Muslim student organizations in New Jersey, 14 restaurants, two grade schools and 11 retail stores faced surveillance. Visitors and customers were photographed and undercover officers and informants infiltrated some of the organizations during a decade-long period.


The organizations sued, saying they were being singled out purely because of their religion. A federal district court ruled against them in 2014 but the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stepped in a year later and said their lawsuit could proceed, comparing the surveillance to targeting of the Japanese during World War II.

(Might be a good time to mention that the Japanese had taken over half the world if you include the oceanic territory it controlled, and was intending to control the entire world, and did a sneak attack on pearl harbour with the intention of destroying and conquering the United States. Some surveillance of Japanese institutions, especially the motivating religious, Shinto ones, seems like a prudent course of action.)

5. “Knife crime” in the UK

(Artificially intelligent knives and guns which pick random targets or targets for their own reasons and then go killing them was clearly a bad idea. Same with AI bottles of acid. A big problem in London these days.)

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  1. “Gazans show their contempt for the very air we all breath in their continued assault on the en’tire’ment at the Israeli border”

    Nothing about the contempt for human rights and decency by Zionists.Telling.

    • “Nothing about contempt for human rights and decency by
      Sympathizers who support terrorists who use children misery to get more money from non profit oraganization like code pink (democrats, liberal, Rino, communists, Marxist) fake Jews, fake Christians, fake…”
      Our soldiers dying for illegal wars, fake intelligence investigation.
      Children’s blood is red all children have red blood.

    • Learn some history as opposed to spouting standard lefto-islamic rhetoric. Telling! Anyone who targets Israelis using the “Zionist” angle is so incredibly ignorant of history that it is embarrassing.

    • Oh where would you send of your daughter
      Where is allowed freedom of mind?
      Would she be less than men
      Or greater than men
      Or self-hatred to become another kind?

    • Nothing about the contempt for human rights and decency by Zionists.

      Ron, if it wasn’t possible to think that you sincerely hold such beliefs, it would be much easier to label you as a common troll.

      One simple question about Zionists, human rights and decency.

      There are mosques in Israel.

      How many synagogues are there in Gaza or the West Bank?

      How many synagogues are there in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, or Iraq?

      Israelis have a lot more respect for human rights than Muslims will ever show. Why else would they provide gratis medical services to the “Palestinians”? Even when some of those they help try to come back and kill them for their kindness. See: Wafa al-Biri, otherwise known as Wafa Samir Ibrahim al-Biss.

      Please think carefully before making such ill-informed statements.

    • I thought they hated everything from the West.

      Not e v e r y t h i n g. After all, just look at their fondness for Western-invented automatic weapons and advanced firepower. I seem to recall they also benefit from things like MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), cell phones, vaccines, the Internet, telecom systems, computers, and all sorts of Made-in-the-West technology.

      Islam, just like its Socialist collaborators and Leftist water-carriers, all have very little problem with Selective Enforcement™. This is what allows these elements to condemn the Enlightenment Values that have shielded them from immediate consequences of their behavior while they simultaneously employ such Western liberties to erode and undermine the societies that uphold them.

      They hurl insults at the West while decrying the advances of modern technology at their Internet websites and send out junk mail wailing about pollution. The hypocrisy is thick enough to spread on toast, regardless of Islamic or Liberal flavor.

      This internal contradiction, and the willingness to voluntarily accept such cognitive dissonance, is why both ideologies are headed for history’s scrapheap. The only question is: How much blood will be spilled along the way?

  2. London’s murder rate worse than New York?

    Katie Hopkins, Rebel Media columnist, on what’s driving the surge in violence in the U.K.

  3. Poor kids seeing generation after generation useful idiots being theirs ancestors, mothers, fathers, brothers , sisters all celebrating death and now pollution.
    Hamas standing in the back while children send first .
    A mother or a father that celebrate the death of children deserve sterilization for 100 generations to come .

      • The thing about sterilization is you only have to do it to one generation if you do it right.

        While I’m forced to agree, any spread of such a practice is so abhorrent as to incite war that ignites within much less than a single generation. (See: The Balkans).

        • So you see a peaceful solution to the Islamic problem? Unfortunately history proves that there is only one successful solution and that is: kill them all (viz Augustus in Cantabria in 15BC or close and many, many more).
          IMVHO there are three possible solutions:
          1) a sharia world: scarcely peaceful and a starving war zone one at that;
          2) a free world with a totally defeated islam FORCED to ignore the violence in the hadith and the koran…yes 1350 yrs of trying and can you see it with all that oil?
          3) extermination of the west or of muslims. Logistically the latter is almost impossible but with leftist treason and gutless converts the former is not.
          Very depressing but any other possibility is IMHO a poor joke which fails to understand ideology and fanaticism. BUT if anyone else can come up with some other possible solution then please BMG.

          • Marriage is between one man and one woman.
            Muhammad had broken G_d’s Law.
            Their beds became soiled, depressed and inhuman
            ‘Separate heads,’ is their call.

            Marriage is between one man and one woman.
            Socialists had broken G_d’s Law
            Their Partners in Crime, confabulate reason
            With boys seeking mommies to paw

            Marriage is between one man and one woman.
            Homosexuals had broken G_d’s Law
            Transgendered heads, seered off the plan
            Affected and superior to all.

          • I hate to say it but you are right, there is no peaceful solution and either Islam is destroyed or the west is destroyed. Take you pick on which you want to see gone.

            • The muslims know this as this is the primary reason for the rush to nukes, the only sure way to solve the muslim plague. Watch Turkey unfold its centrifuges soon c/o Putin who is severely disappointing me more everyday( I never doubted his ambition but I did think him sane).

              • Watch Turkey unfold its centrifuges soon c/o Putin who is severely disappointing me more everyday( I never doubted his ambition but I did think him sane).

                Attributing sanity to anyone rising out of the KGB’s ranks is a risky proposition, at best.

                Have no doubt that Putin is very smart, but his ruthlessness and immersion within Russia’s oligarchy have completely neutralized his value to the West.

          • So you see a peaceful solution to the Islamic problem?

            Yes. It’s incredibly simple and involves no externally inflicted violence.

            Simply stop exporting food to Islamic countries. They already have the greatest Food Insecurity and (in a related manner) also experience the world’s worst Water Poverty.

            Tell the Muslims to clean their own damn house. They know who the terrorist leaders are. They can kill them. They know who the jihadist imams are. They can kill them. They know who the terrorist financiers are. They can kill them. They know who the jihadist clerics are. They can kill them.

            Where is it written that we must do their homework for them even as continue trying to kill us? They can mop up their own sodding mess and then come back and ask about getting another sack of wheat.

            The MME (Muslim Middle East) would have less than six weeks before mass starvation would set in. Russia and Red China, both net food importers, could only prop up the MME for a few months (at best) and then have to bail out on Islam to feed their own people.

            Within less than six months, the West (specifically America, Canada and Australia) could coerce Islam into purging its ranks of jihadis.

            From that point on, any large-scale terror attacks would result in an automatic four week suspension of food exports. Just enough to bring Muslim societies to the very brink of collapse.

            SIDEBAR: Exports would be kept at a “status quo level” in order to prevent accumulation or hording of food stocks that might allow MME states to create whatever sort of “cushion” that would enable them to ride out any four week suspensions.

            Remember, Islam is the one committed to violence. We are not obliged to spill our blood and treasure to halt a tyrannous, barbaric, supremacist ideology. Islam can use its favorite tool as a scalpel to excise its own damn cancer.


            It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

            • Agree totally but this “peaceful” solution would require the cooperation of the Left and thus would not work unless you know some way of muzzling or removing them. Just like the stand on food to south Africa if they continue to kill white farmers: it wont work just as Zimbabwe did the same and still received western food. Not only the Left but the farmers and the whole industry would be against it.
              However in a WAR setting such action would be seen as and be “treason” and we could then happily hang or shoot them. Then it would not happen.
              So while I agree on the nicety of your point, it is however up there in fairy land with the rest of the Left’s(not aimed at you) ideals.
              This universe is violent and predatory(stars eat smaller stars and black holes eat smaller ones etc.) and peace and safety are abnormal, temporary states of existence. Such are only possible if you fight to keep them and you must defend from the start. There is NO peaceful end to islam unless you include total submission and even that is temporary as once the world is sharia there will be open season on white males converts as the hatred of whites fostered by the left will explode.

  4. Michelle,
    Thanks for all the info/history…
    The more you know ,the more you realized you know soooooooo
    Little…ignorance is comfortable, knowledge can be “hell”.
    Have you ever watch those 3 videos:

    Kevin Shipp :

    • Nice to see that even a devout leftist can see the light. 🙂 Do enjoy your freedom to destroy your freedoms as the odds are that your great grandchildren will never believe such ever existed. BTW, a question: do you think that the nukes used on Japan were justified or not? I ask as you claim to appreciate fact.

    • Nice to see that even a devout leftist can see the light 🙂
      Do enjoy your freedom to destroy the freedoms that so many have died to protect as the odds are that your great grandchildren will never believe that such ever existed. BTW a history question: do you agree that the use of nukes vs Japan was justified?

  5. The 3 videos are about an hour duration each. I had to take notes.
    This whistleblower is risking his life to tell us about the CIA.
    He has a great sense of humor…but It is rather depressing to see how corrupted the GOV is and how stupid they think we all are. He alluded to “fake intelligence” (Iraq, Benghazi, Syria invasions come to mind) to invade any countries .

    • I have and had no time for the idiotic invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan or the bombing of Libya and the absolutely disgusting bombing of Serbia(how many muslim heads have you seen on poles from that conflict?) and I see Clinton, Bush jnr and Obama as simply allowing the undermining of the USA. IMHO both Bush, Obama and that idiot Blair are criminals. all that they did was destabilize the fragile muslim world and even the Iraqis preferred Hussain to ISIS. As for your pushed site it is rather selective like all such whistle blowing and you really should think about the motivations of those who selectively release such.

      • … I see Clinton, Bush jnr and Obama as simply allowing the undermining of the USA.

        Thank you, Michelle. Your understanding in this matter is priceless.

        • Thank you HR…I appreciate even sarcastic applause : )
          Clinton: a predatory thief and a perjuring liar
          Bush jnr… a GOP fool and a liar
          Obama…a traitor and a liar.

          I actually supported the first two to my shame.

          • Personally, I drew the line at Clinton’s reelection.

            Millions of dollars wasted over defining what?!?

            Went Independent and never looked back.

            Hope you might as well.

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