Montreal lamp post

How this is allowed in Montreal while a Nazi one is not is still a matter of some mystery.

Which leads me to a pre-review I want to do at some point soon.

I am well into the audio-book version of Diana West’s excellent and gripping book, American Betrayal, which deals with exactly this question. Why did the Nuremberg trials seem to be the penultimate of Western justice, while no such event happened after the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Why did the US allow the Russians to take so much territory after the War?

What is the connection, if any, between communist subversion of the US government back in the day to Islamic subversion now?

Its a really fantastic listen, and not at all dry or academic, although the scholarship is as good as any.

I totally recommend this book for those interested in finding out the missing pieces of those nagging questions about the history of communism and its effects on American government figures, and a lot more.

Audible will try and cajole and maneuver you into buying a $15.00/month membership. You don’t have to, you can just buy the audio or physical book at

I will do a more complete review of it when I get to the end.

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  1. I saw those posters last week when I was there–forgot to take photos. Somehow I expect this more from the French. Quebec French have always been at once politically flakey and savvy. Every French PM kisses Bombardier’s ass and gives massive corporate welfare, including Little Potato Boy. No wonder Boeing cried foul. Canada likes to complain about the big bad Yanks but behaves at times like a weasly whiner who wants to have its cake and eat it too.

  2. A lot of people in the US think communism was destroyed when the USSR fell apart, they are fools, communism is alive and well in all Western countries and is closer to taking over the West then at any time during the Cold War. We are going to regret not pushing for Russia and Eastern Europe to de-communize after the fall of the USSR.

  3. If you have read American Betrayal then you already know the answers: in 1945 the UK was bankrupt and physically exhausted. The US was totally undermined politically by the Harry Hopkins communists to such an extent that Joseph McCarthy only touched about 5-10% of those present in Hollywood alone. Most were in the post 1932 federal bureaucracy and slowly ascending the chain of command there.
    The red army in 1945 was the BEST army in the world and the master of mobile warfare. In the absence of nukes there is NO way that the allies could have withstood them and anyone in the military with an inkling of sense and knowledge knew this. Thus in 1945 everyone bent over to the soviets and allowed the massacre of tens of thousands of Cossack, Ukrainian and other dissident ex-soviet men. women and children who fought for their own freedom as much as for Germany(most were shot after they were forced to cross the border). The Nuremburg trials were a joke in many respects as both the USSR and Germany invaded Poland in 1939 yet the Berlin-Moscow pact was never mentioned nor was a copy of its secret protocols ever produced there. In fact to obtain a copy once officer had the virtually steal one but its was still ignored. The US has realized that the USSR was the greatest enemy by 1945(they were not blind nor exhausted) and Patton’s death(no accident IMHO) was because he would not stop provoking them. So IMHO the US was the prime mover of not upsetting the soviets. Stalin while wanting all of Europe had to be content with half of it and yet he never really let go and only the arrival of B29s armed with nukes in England in 1948 stopped the soviet blockade of Berlin.

    Another book which is also panned by the left but which I personally believe to be absolutely true is “The Chief Culprit”(Viktor Suvorov) and this explains much that has had me confused for years about what the Germans found when they invaded the USSR, Stalin’s behaviour after the invasion and the disposition of soviet forces then. Those two books tell you all that you will ever wish to know about the whys and hows of WW2 (do check to see how Hopkins engineered Japan’s attack in the pacific as opposed to their promise of invading Siberia to help Hitler and thus enable Germany to lose)

    • Replace 1945 with 1946 and I agree with you, until we disarmed just after WWII the US Army was the best in the world. The communist infiltration of the US started in the 1890s and has continued to this day, several times during the Obama administration we have talked about how when we (the Nam era vets) were serving the only good communist was a dead communist but that then we had communists in the Obama administration proudly proclaiming their loyalty to communism and not the US.

      The Deep State/The Swamp/The Sewer are mainly composed of communists of one degree or another, although given the current state of the US educational system most of them probably don’t know they are communist.

    • “Suvorov debunks the theory that Stalin was duped by Hitler and that the Soviet Union was a victim of Nazi aggression. Instead, he makes the case that Stalin neither feared Hitler nor mistakenly trusted him. Suvorov maintains that after Germany occupied Poland, defeated France, and started to prepare for an invasion of Great Britain, Hitler’s intelligence services detected the Soviet Union’s preparations for a major war against Germany. This detection, he argues, led to Germany’s preemptive war plan and the launch of an invasion of the USSR. Stalin emerges from the pages of this book as a diabolical genius consumed by visions of a worldwide Communist revolution at any cost – a leader who wooed Hitler and Germany in his own effort to conquer the world.”–BOOK JACKET.

      • The book does much more than that: Stalin supported the Nazis financially and politically the Nazis in the early years and made the German communists do the same (In the Reichstag, not on the streets). The Nazis were inherently socialist at the grass roots level. Do note that every point he has made has been rejected by the leftist reviewers but none have been able to negate his evidence as it exists in almost all archives .

        • The more than comes out of the Soviet archives, the more corroboration for at least some of Suvorov. He burnishes Stalin a little too much, but on the whole the revision is worth investigating.

          There’s amazing access to primary source material. Trustworthy institutions, great stuff.

  4. “US army was the best in the world”?… Sorry But that is not true at all and more Hollywood than fact and all you have to do is read what the then enemy, the Germans said about the opposition. However I am not prepared to start an argument here or elsewhere and agree with most of your post (except 1890?) and I thoroughly agree with your views on communism as mine are the same.

      • I well know the history of and the role of unions in freeing serf workers from the hands of the mine and factory owners and I totally respect that role despite it being mostly redundant now(but in the totalitarian future??) and I am happy to see an unexploited working class.
        But to classify such as communism is stupidity incarnate. Communism is a totalitarian bastardization of such where ethics are secondary to aims, violence is the norm and repression of all acceptable. I have always supported workers rights but communism is an unrepentant evil.

        • During the formation of the union movement in this country there was considerable interest in the Communism. At least the Party’s taqiyya.

          Immigrants working in deplorable conditions in cities like New York, Chicago, and Detroit passed through the Communist Party on their way to becoming fully American. They were attracted by aspects of the “Soviet Experiment” early, then mostly moved on.

          For more discussion on this hot-potato topic, see:
          [WordPress is finicky with this link.]

          Some of the most important figures in the American labor movement got their start in the Bund – the socialist federations of Europe. For example, Sidney Hillman, one of the founders of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO).

          • My main point was the date 1890 as whatever title Marxism, went under then(there and elsewhere), it was clearly not Marxist -Leninist communism. There is a vast difference between the altruistic ideals of hypothetical communism as purveyed by Marx, and with which I can agree, and the violent, pragmatic reality of Communism as it became which I totally deplore. Communism as practised in the USSR, China, Cuba, etc., was a total bastardization of Marx’s dream and he would have been horrified at the way Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin distorted it. Communism is an unattainable ideal and never will work as we are human, selfish and greedy. It is an ideal like Christianity which can be strived for but rarely attained and violence has no part in it.

            • yeah I hear that “Communism is too good for awful humanity” a lot. Of course its bullshit from the ground on down.

              If communism is a system that is designed for humans to live under, but cannot possibly cope with the actual attributes of humanity, then its clearly not a good system no matter how “altruistic” its authors.

              THis also explains why communism ALWAYS commits genocide in one manner or another. Because it believes humans are a blank slate. So it means that people can be perfected to accept the communist way and have utopia, so long as you can kill everyone too old to accept the new conditioning, or anyone who has been exposed to former ways of thinking that may interfere with the pretend perfection nonsense of Marx.

              Any system of governance or thought which requires the forced transformation of the world’s people to work, is evil. ANd not ordinary evil like the person that takes advantage of good people for a moment’s advantage like the thief or the rapist, but a true evil that would kill all of humanity based on any rational definition of what humanity is, to you “greedy” and so on but still humanity, and would rape all humanity as it would remove the choice of with whom, we mate, marry, associate with etc. and it would rob all of humanity is would decide for us by what criteria we should be entitled to the resources that we ourselves produced and the government takes.
              By the way, Free Market economies are by orders of magnitude, the most generous, altruistic and kind societies the world has ever seen. At nearly every natural disaster, plague, famine, drought, it is Americans, Israelis, Canadians, British people, privately owned and operated charities that come in to offer relief.

              Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, North Korea not so much.

              Like worship of God, altruism means NOTHING if forced. But when you allow for it, it is amazing how kind humanity is, even to enemies as we see when there is a natural disaster in Iran or the Soviet Union and Americans rush to help.

              So we can take that “selfish and greedy humanity” thing and tuck it neatly where only your proctologist need know where it is. OK?

              • I was waiting for that reply. All idealistic views pushed without respect for the effects they have upon mankind are dangerous. . Communism is good in theory but woeful in practice. Pacifism is a wonderful concept that fails totally because of humanity and its vices. Any ideology/religion that allows unfettered absolute power will be corrupted by man no matter how virtuous is that concept. Perhaps I wish that I had your wonderful view of humanity but then I have seen and felt its vices. Lala land must be great.

                  • The original concept of communism was good as with it there would be no poor, equal distribution of assets etc. as I am sure that you know and were simply asking a rhetorical question. Unfortunately like many ideals it fails miserably in practice. Surely some here can actually tell the difference?

                • Hey! Did I mention I have a great idea! Its a new way to raise and feed dogs except that they all die from poisoning and abuse and the few survivors are horribly timid and often vicious.

                  It turns out the problem is canine nature!

                  If we can just change what dogs are fundamentally, then my system will be great. Cause really dogs are just like that cause of you know, systemic patriarchy and racism between breeds. My way for sure is the perfect system for dogs as I will re make them!


                  Yeah of course.

                  • Your views are so naïve that it is embarrassing to even reply. A question: “why is the parable of the “good Samaritan: so important? Because all others stepped over the injured man. Before Christianity this was the norm and it has been the driving force behind most(not all) human altruism ever since. I wont add anymore as reason has no point here with the likes of you.

    • There are many Russians who adore Putin. There are also many who think he is a psychopath. The question is what special traits did it take to achieve his level of success, where and when he achieved it? Empathy?…

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