Two clips from Germany worthy of your time and attention

First, a German school teacher with 25 years experience, defies her authorities and speaks truth to the public.

There will be a follow up video on her shortly on what life is like for her now since she went public.

And this, which may have been posted before, but in the greater context of the red-pill state of Germany, worth posting again with the clip above:

For those that have not seen BPS video of yesterday, please do watch it.

It is a wonderful condensate of wake.

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    • Yep, they are no more ‘refugees’ than the ‘illegal immigrants’ here are true immigrants. Neither will ever integrate and are in truth only here to ultimately take over. Period

  1. If it took so many years of intimate involvement with an alien, hostile culture for this female teacher to finally get it, what will it take to red pill the average lefty on the street before all is lost?

      • How do you see that taking place? It is an honest question.

        Do you mean armies (Hungary/Poland vs Germany/France ?).

        Or do you mean normal citizens (with no weapons) against Islamic psychos with illegal weapons from Syria (or where ever else)?

        Or civil war? I which countries?

        • Your Hungry/Poland v Germany/France may occur but the most likely scenario is Turkey deciding to move on Europe (remember the threats to Greece and the rebuilding of Mosques in the Balkans with the statements that they (Turkey) were going to protect/ensure the integrity of the Mosques)). Once Turkey makes a move the Islamic Invaders will bring the weapons out of the Mosques they are using as armories. Remember the ships full of infantry weapons that were caught trying to smuggle them into Europe. The base rule of thumb is that for every smuggler you catch 10 make it through. That means a lot of weapons are waiting in Europe.

          The Civil War scenario is also very likely and may even be the excuse Turkey uses to send troops into Europe. There are a large number of Turks in Europe and they would say they are trying to protect them. If China wasn’t so tied down in the Far East they might send troops/police to protect the Chinese in Europe. Remember how a few years ago they were talking about sending Chinese police to Paris to protect the Chinese tourists.

          I see civil war and I see the Islamic Invaders seizing control of portions of large cities and in some cases the entire city. The Islamic Invaders taking control of portions of cities is assured, and in the case of Berlin it is looking like they will take control of the entire city. I don’t know which will come first the civil wars of the Islamic Invaders making their move but both are coming. For the most part the war will be small asymmetric war attacks by both sides although there may be some large set piece battles.

          • Yeah, it’ll be a mix. The Turk + MB-embeds at every level of the bureaucracy + Invaders/5th-column tards. Proxy wars. Country-level coalitions will eventually respond directly.

            Russia has a humongous 5th column, plus a near-abroad that will kick into gear and keep Uncle Vlad busy. China will act behind the screen as long as possible, then exploit the disarray in the West to the max.

            Asymmetric terror, attempts to demoralize the populace and overwhelm the response infrastructure. Crippling cyberwar, regional EMP-attacks. Massive, state-level bombing, followed by more conventional boots-on-the-ground.

            That's if the ground and everything above it hasn't already been vaporized

        • I see 4th Generation – or hybrid war.

          Nutshell: Praxis: 4th Generation Warfare (NOT for Dummies)

          Not quite right, but adequate description of hybrid war. Using Putin’s style as an example, knocks it slightly off-base:

          The US must take swift action to stop Russia’s aggression

  2. Today I discovered a Canadian who speaks and understands German.
    He says nothing fundamentally new, but reinforces certain assumptions.

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